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LaserTag is a minigame!

The LaserTag plugin was inspired by the QZAR Lasertag chain.

There are two teams: green and red. Players use a redstone repeater to shoot projectiles at other players on the opposing team. Players who hit their teammates will be penalized. The objective of the game is to get to 500 points, or after 15 minutes, the team with the most points win.

Players, upon joining a lasertag game for the first time, are given an initial amount of 100 money and 1000 ammo. A player spends one ammo when he/she uses the lasergun. Players are awarded money for hitting enemy players or enemy bases(redstone lamps), but penalized for hitting teammates or team bases.

Players initially have 10 lives. When a player is hit, they lose one life, and cannot shoot for 5 seconds. There is a cooldown period in which the player has an "invincibility shield" for 3 seconds during which they should take cover. In the 4th and 5th seconds, the player is vulnerable and cannot shoot. When a player runs out of lives, he/she is supposed to go to beacons to recharge their lives. They cannot take damage or deal damage, meaning they're effectively out of the game until they get more lives. For each left click on a beacon, the player will gain one additional life and lose a set amount of money up until they have their 10 lives back.

Sounds are used to indicate when you fire your laser gun, hit another player, and are hit by another player.

When a player is out of ammo, they can buy more from LaserTag HQ (/lt buy <id> <amt>) Special items may or may not be offered.

Setting up the lasertag arena: LaserTag was designed to give server owners the freedom to create their own arenas.

To set the team spawns: /lt setspawn <arena> <green/red>

To create an arena: /lt createarena <arenaName>

To remove an arena: /lt removearena <arenaName>

Notice!: This plugin will not be released publicly until we're sure that it is stable enough.

Permissions have not been configured yet.

Current commands:

  • /lt createarena <arena name>
  • /lt buy
  • /lt buy <id> <amt>
  • /lt removearena <arena name>
  • /lt join <arena>
  • /lt leave <arena>
  • /lt version
  • /lt score
  • /lt score <player>
  • /lt start <arena name>
  • /lt end <arena name>
  • /lt stats
  • /lt stats <player>
  • /lt setspawn <green/red> <arena name>


  • Shooting
  • Arena Timers
  • EventHandlers


  • statistics
  • setspawn
  • buy
  • version
  • createarena
  • removearena

In Progress:

  • all commands


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