LapisPortals v1.3.8


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    Feb 7, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.4.7-R1.0


LapisPortals v1.3.8

  • configurable delay between teleports
  • chat formatting
  • recieving door now opens automatically
  • bug fix: teleSickness for non-permission users
  • bug fix: portals now persist after unloading their world
  • other minor changes
  • most blocks can now be used instead of a chest A backup of your portal dat files is HIGHLY recommended for this release Not tested using vault, please report any issues with permissions

LapisPortals v1.3.1

  • recompiled under java 1.6 (possible "Unsupported major.minor version" fix)

LapisPortals v1.3

  • Fixed portals not being created (YAY!)
  • Fixed a bug that may have caused a loss of saved portals


  • Left clicking doors now properly teleports
  • Added config option for enabling perms/econ


  • Fixed a major bug that allowed any user to destroy all links to a global portal


  • Added Global Portals: Please report any bugs related to these, I added a lot of code and humans aren't perfect :p
  • Players now get sick with hunger, nausea, and weakness for 15 seconds after teleporting (configurable: Permissions/Config.yml)
  • Portals will now be saved every 30 seconds. This allows for portals to persist even through abrupt server stops (crashes/killed process)
  • some minor stuff i forgot about


  • Feature/Bug fix: Destroying the portal through unconventional methods (Pistons/Worldedit) will no longer keep the portal active, instead, the portal will be temporarily removed until the block is replaced. (note: you can still teleport to this portal for now, just not from)
  • Invalid portals (no doors) are no longer persistent. If, this breaks any one way portal systems you have, don't fret, I have plans (hint, hint) (also, using the method above you can create one way portals.)


  • Lightning effect is now configurable (config.yml and permissions)


  • Recompiled under Java 6. Hopefully this fixes many issues you guys are having with getting this to work! :)
  • Removed the two boolean values that showed on enable in v1.1


  • Added Permissions and Economy support (optional, requires Vault)
  • Configurable price (Economy, default: 0)
  • Configuration modifiable while running the plugin (now requires only a reload)
  • Added a little "spice" to teleportation (KABOOM!)
  • Other minor stuff i can't remember (maybe :p )


  • Portal Block is now configurable (existing portals will remain)
  • Fixed a bug with creating Portals.dat
  • Players now teleport facing the door


  • Now supports the use of colored wool in the place of chests


  • Initial release

console displays "true" every time a user places a door