This plugin absolutely REQUIRES vault. Vault can be found here.

This plug-in was created after re-watching the yogcast :P In episode 10 or whatever, when Simon walks out the back door of the yogcave and proceeds to get his ass blown straight off, I couldn't help but think that would be really fun to do in the online game. The only problem is that you need pressure plates, which unless your a noob (or aren't paying attention at the moment) are really quite noticeable. After I got into plug-in development and understood quite a bit about how to make them, I sought out to make something that could accomplish this :)

I have recently finished a working version and released the file :) I'm working on adding in the some of my planned features. If you find any bugs please create a ticket, and I'll work as fast as I can to squish the little bugger.

Thank you EVERYONE who helped me while I was developing this and stumbled upon parts I could figure out. I don't remember your user names :( but you know who you are, and I GREATLY appreciate the help you gave me.

Also a thank you to everyone that uses my plugins and supports me in creating future plugins :D


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