Default Configuration file:

# Landlord Created by Jcdesimp
# General options
   #Enable sound effects when interacting with owned land.
   soundEffects: true
   #Enable particle effects for land interaction
   particleEffects: true
   #Enable the land map (/landlord map)
   #Can sometimes be resource intensive if a lot of players have it open.
   enableMap: true
   #Regenerate a chunk when it is unclaimed (Removes all builds and changes)
   regenOnUnclaim: false
# Limits on amount of owned land
   #Max land a regular player can own (-1 for no limit).
   landLimit: 10
   #Extra land that players with "landlord.limit.extra","landlord.limit.extra2", etc. can own (In addition to landLimit).
   extra: 10
   extra2: 20
   extra3: 30
   extra4: 40
   extra5: 50
# Economy settings (Requires Vault)
   #Enable economy integration features
   enable: false
   #Cost of claiming land
   buyPrice: 100
   #Money given to player when unclaiming land
   sellPrice: 50
# Worldguard Options (Requires Worldguard)
   #Prevent players from claiming chunks that intersect with worldguard regions,
   #UNLESS they have build permissions within that region.
   blockRegionClaim: true
# Here you can enable/disable the built-in land flags.
   build: true
   harmAnimals: true
   openDoor: true
   tntDamage: true
   useContainers: true
   useRedstone: true
# Here you can disable worlds where player should not claim/unclaim
 - world_nether
 - world_the_end


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