How It Works

How It Works

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LaggRemover works by essentially cleaning up Minecrafts chunk loading system. It makes sure that chunks that are not supposed to be loaded aren't loaded. It also removes spawn chunks which are a bunch of chunks that stay loaded in every world that you have and never serve any real purpose. These chunks eat up a lot of resources(mostly ram). With this plugin installed, if a world has no one in it. It has no impact on your server! Without it, you are wasting resources that could be going somewhere else.

Smart Lag Detection

The Smart Lag Detection feature of LaggRemover is an AI(artificial intelligence) programed to keep your server free of lag. In the configuration file, you can change the TPS at which the AI becomes active. In the future, the AI can be activated by over use of ram on your server. When active, the AI can perform one lag removal protocol to remove lag from your server. Once the amount of lag is reduced, the AI returns to its inactive state to conserve server resources. Pretty cool right?


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