Lag Ping Utility

Lag Ping Utility

 The lag ping utility is a very simple and lightweight plugin. The sole idea of it, is that the player can issue a command, and the player will receive a response. The reason for creating a plugin as simple as this, is based around the idea of ping and how some players have latency when on a server, and they sometimes cannot tell if it is latency related or not. 


By using this plugin, if you receive the response on screen when you issue the command, then there are no problems with latency between you and the server. However, if the command is issued and there is either a delayed response or no response, then there are definitely latency issues.


 The only command related to this plugin is the command to test latency. Simply type within the game /lping and if you receive a response straight away, then you have no issues. That is how simple this plugin is. Sometimes, consoles can freeze up as well and stop responding. This plugin is also compatible on the console. Simply run the same command and you will receive a response inside the console as well as running the console in game!


 With installation, this plugin requires nothing to work. Simply download this JAR file, drop it into your plugins folder, then either start or reload your server, and the new Lag Ping Utility plugin is all set and ready to go for you and your players to use!


 With permissions, there are none configured and none are exactly required because the idea of the plugin is that everyone has the ability to simply test whether they are directly connected and in sync with no latency or not.

 Final Acknowledgements:

 This is the first plugin I've developed, and I would appreciate any comments and feedback! If you come across any issues, then feel free to message me, details can be found on my BukkitDev page!


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