This plugin is compatible with all 1.4.4 builds

Note: This is the first plugin I have ever made, but it is fairly simple, so I don't expect to see too many flaws.

This is a very simple plugin. As a server owner, I found it very annoying when I was reloading plugins or there was a lag spike, how players would say lag or lagggggg or I have serious lag. It doesn't help anyone and it just clogs up the chat. What this plugin does is prevent a player from saying lag, and instead have the server insult them. It seemed to be the best way to keep players from saying lag, and its pretty fun to watch them get confused as it happens. If there is anything you would like to suggest for this plugin leave them in the comments below.


  • When a player says lag, the message won't show up and the server will send a message insulting the player.
  • Hopefully more in the near future.

Future ideas:

  • Configurable messages from the server.
  • Other configurable "bad words".
  • The ability to replace what the player says in chat with a different word or phrase. So if the player said, "Wow, I sure am laggy today!" It would come up as this: "Wow, I sure am happy today!"

Hope you enjoy!


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