By krinsdeath

This plugin allows the creation of custom commands and scheduled tasks (such as voting reminders, or information commands that display links and other things) to give your server a bit more life.


Potentially unlimited! The commands are relatively well documented in the config file, but check the command reference for more information.

  • /ktrigger reload - Reloads the kTrigger configuration file, and stops and restarts all active timed tasks.
  • /ktrigger version - Shows kTrigger's version number and build number.
  • Example commands:
  • * /example1 - A simple "display this text to the user" command. Provided in the default configuration.
  • * /example2 - Displays more text, and executes /example1 as well.
  • * /example3 - An example command that includes parameters, kicks the first argument provided (if the player exists)
  • * /plugins & /pl - Overrides the plugin list commands so that no one can use them.


Provide information to users on a scheduled task! The tasks are fairly easy to understand, but check the task reference for more information.

The 'delay' key specifies how many seconds before the task should execute. The 'target' key specifies who should be notified of the task's execution. The 'source' key specifies where to draw the information you intend to provide from.

More information will become available as I work on this plugin.


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