King Of The Ladder

This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

This plugin is intended to recreate the minigame King Of The Ladder from MindCrack. The purpose of this plugin is for custom arenas with very simple setup and commands only so that if you have a sign command or redstone command plugin you can use it to control this plugin. For example, if you had the serversigns plugin you can use it to execute the command for the player.
Currently Only the following commands are active:

  • /kotl
  • /kotl help

    More commands are on the way to be coded
    This is my first public plugin and I would appreciate any help anyone has to offer
    (I need the help)
    On the To Do page you can see what problems I'm running into and you can help with the project:

Intended Features:

  • no need to define an area
  • easy to use commands
  • Ingame settings
  • if you have access to your server files you can also set settings when to server is offline or online
  • modify kits in or out of game


  • /kotl help - displays all the commands
  • /kotl join <arena> - joins an arena
  • /kotl leave - leaves your current arena
  • /kotl addarena <arena> - creates an arena
  • /kotl delarena <arena> - deletes an arena
  • /kotl setwarp <arena> <lobby/arena/exit/spectator> - set where the player teleports
  • /kotl arenas - lists all the arenas
  • /kotl setkit <kit> - creates a kit
  • /kotl delkit <kit> - deletes a kit
  • /kotl modifykit <kit> - modifys a kit (equivalent of deleting one and recreating it with different items
  • /kotl kit <kit> - gives you the specified kit
  • /kotl forcestart <arena> - force starts a game
  • /kotl forceend <arena> - forces a game to end
  • /kotl reload - reloads the plugin
  • /kotl info - tells you how to make an arena and gameplay
  • /kotl settop <arena> - sets where the top of the ladder is (once a player's "y" level is that or greater the plugin will think that they are at the top of the ladder)


  • None at the moment but these are the planned permission nodes
  • kotl.player.* - gives the player all they need for playing
    • kotl.join.* - Join any arena
    • kotl.player.join.<arena> - Only join the specified arena
    • kotl.player.leave.* - leave any game
    • kotl.player.leave.<arena> - leave from only specified arena (not recommended for certain servers)
    • kotl.player.kit.* - gives any kit
    • kotl.player.kit.<kit> - allows only for the certain kit
    • - displays info on the plugin
    • kotl.player.arenas - lists arenas
    • kotl.player.arenas.<arena> - shows only the specified arena

  • kotl.admin.* - all admin related commands
    • kotl.admin.addarena.* - create infinite arenas
    • kotl.admin.addarena.<#> - only create <#> amount of arenas (replace <#> with a number)
    • kotl.admin.delarena.* - delete any arena
    • kotl.admin.delarena.own - only delete own arenas
    • kotl.admin.setwarp.* - setwarps for any arena
    • kotl.admin.setwarp.own - setwarps for only own arenas
    • kotl.admin.setkit.* - set infinite kits for any arena
    • kotl.admin.setkit.own - only set kits for own arenas
    • kotl.admin.delkit.* - delete any kit
    • kotl.admin.delkit.own - only delete kit you created
    • kotl.admin.modify.kit.* - modify any kit
    • kotl.admin.modify.kit.own - modify only kit you created
    • kotl.admin.force.start.* - forcestart and arena
    • kotl.admin.force.start.own - forcestart only your own arenas
    • kotl.admin.force.stop.* - forcestop any arena
    • kotl.admin.force.stop.own - forcestop only your own arenas
    • kotl.admin.reload - reload plugin
    • kotl.admin.settop.* - set top of the ladder for any arena
    • kotl.admin.settop.own - set top of the ladder for only your own arenas


  • finish all the arena setup commands and gameplay commands
  • finish "/kotl info" command
  • finish "/kotl reload" command
  • add permissions (I'll do this before arenas can be set up)
  • How to setup an arena

Plugin Config File:

  • TBC

    Submit a Ticket if you want to help, contribute or suggest an idea

Once the plugin is in release you will be able to test it out for yourselves at:
(You'll need to go into the Minigames server)

Want to see how the plugin's coming along yourself?
Click this link:
(Warning not approved by bukkit staff)


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