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What is KitsuneChat?

KitsuneChat is a chat system replacement, designed to make a RP-safe chat system, as well as the ability to have parties and help manage chat on larger servers.

Features of KitsuneChat

KitsuneChat provides the following features:

  • Chat split into 5 "channels"
    • Local chat. (Messages only travel a specified distance.)
    • World chat. (Messages only travel to everybody in the specified world.)
    • Global chat. (Everybody sees chat, similar to vanilla.)
    • Staff chat. (Restricted to those with the correct permissions.)
    • Admin chat. (Also restricted to those with the correct permissions.)
  • Party system, allowing private chat parties to be created and chat in.
    • Supports inviting others into your party.
    • (Planned) Optional economy charge for party creation.
  • Chat in different channels by either setting your default channel (/kc <prefix>) or just prefixing your message.
  • Fully customizable chat formats and emote formats, as well as channel prefixes.
  • Support for username prefix/suffix from your favorite permission/group plugin. (Requires Vault)
  • Support for using colored MultiVerse world names. (Requires Multiverse-Core)
  • Global chat is relayed to other plugins for compatibility :)

Plugin Requirements

KitsuneChat doesn't have any required dependencies, but can use Vault for player prefixes, and Multiverse-Core for colored world names.


A simple tutorial for this plugin is available here

Permissions and Commands

KitsuneChat's permissions

KitsuneChat's commands

Bugs and feature requests

Please report bugs and supply feature requests over at my GitHub Tracker

You can also give Development builds a go.

Thank you for using KitsuneChat!

I developed this plugin to help servers have a feature filled but easy to use chat system!

Feel free to fork my plugin on my GitHub

If you like my work, also please donate to me! :) (The button is at the top of the page, left of the curse button.)


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