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When you create a kit, an inventory window will appear, allowing you to insert the items you want in your Kit. You can also insert armor into any kit so that players will automatically wear it when they spawn the kit. Here is a visual representation of how the inventory window translates into the player's inventory when creating kits:

Flags are values that you assign to a kit, which change how the kit is spawned. You can edit the flags of a kit by using the /kit edit command. For example:

/kit edit basic announce falseSets the announce of kit basic to false
/kit edit basic overwrite trueSets the overwrite of kit basic to true
/kit edit basic clear trueSets the clear of kit basic to true
/kit edit basic delay 10mSets the delay of kit basic to 10 minutes

Flags can be modified for one-time-use when using the /kit command to spawn kits. For example, if kit basic has a default delay of 20 seconds, players can use /kit basic -delay to spawn the kit without the delay. If kit basic has a default overwrite value set to false, players can use /kit basic +overwrite to overwrite their current inventory.

Flags can only be used in-line if the player has the kits.flags.flag permission, where flag is the name of the flag. Here is a list of currently available flags:

Flag NameDescription
overwriteOverwrite existing slots when spawning a kit
clearClear the inventory before spawning a kit. Only works if Overwrite is set to true
announceAnnounce to the player that a kit has been spawned for them
delayAdd a delay between kit spawning times

Delays are written using y (years), mo (months), d (days), h (hours), m (minutes), s (seconds) and ms (milliseconds) as an expression. A valid delay is written like 1h30m20s, which translates to 1 hour 30 minutes 20 seconds.

As of Kits v2.1, delays can be written literally - "1 month 2 days, 3 hours and 4 minutes & 5 seconds" is a valid expression.

Players with the kits.sign permission can spawn kits by right-clicking on Kit signs. Additionally, only players with the kits.admin permission can create Kit signs. Kit signs can also use flags:

Players do not require any spawn or flag permissions to use Kit signs.


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