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Assigned to _ForgeUser8406248
  • _ForgeUser12110347 created this issue Apr 19, 2015

    What steps will reproduce the problem:
    i just want know how to do something

    What was the expected output, and what happened instead:
    regarding the signs:i put [kit]and the name and all that but i cant get the delay to work. ive tried putting -delay delay +delay and other things on the sign but the sign either doesnt work or it wont put the delay.

    What version of Kits are you using:

    What version of Craftbukkit are you using:
    1.7.9 Ro.2

    Please post your server's full startup log to and paste the link here:
    no need

    If an error occurred in the console, please post the full error to and paste the link here:
    no need

    If you have any additional information, such as screenshots, please mention it here:
    i just need to know the proper word string to set a delay.i cant find it n any videos

  • _ForgeUser12110347 added the tags New Other Apr 19, 2015

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