Kits Config v7.0+


kits.yml (created on first start)

Extended example:

      data: 0
      amount: 1
      - KNOCKBACK,1
      - FIRE_ASPECT,1
      - '&0This makes a colored text'
      - '&1This is colored too'
      - 'This is uncolored'
      - 'Recipient its name is (player)'
      name: '&1(player)''s Swordname'
      slot: inventory
      id: WOOL
      data: 1
      amount: 10
      slot: inventory
      id: WOOL
      data: 2
      amount: 10
      slot: inventory
      amount: 1
      slot: helmet
      color: 51 255 204
  - say That triggered a say command
  - tell (player) Hi, I am the console.
  removeeffects: true
  givemoney: 20
  givexp: 50
  givelevels: 10
  usages: 0
  clearinv: true
  cleararmor: true
  cooldown: 10
  price: 0
  message: '&1Enjoy it ;)'
#Books are only available in version 7.3 or higher!
      title: '&eStarterbook'
      author: '&d&orecon'
        1: "&cThis is a colored text displayed on the first page"
        2: "Awesome second page content!"

Simple example:

      id: WOOL
      data: 3
      amount: 10
      slot: inventory
      amount: 1
      slot: helmet
  cooldown: 10
  message: '&1Enjoy it ;)'

How to make kits

Kits are defined in this format:

    [identifier - any string]
      id: [exact item name - see below for info]
      data: [data value - for wool/potions/etc]
      amount: [any integer]
      color: [any rgb color]
      - [exact enchant name - see below for info, Level]
      - '[any string]'
      - '[any string]'
      slot: [helmet, chestplate, leggings, boots, inventory]
  - [your commands string here - no "/" required]
  removeeffects: [true or false]
  - [exact effect name - see below for info, Duration(seconds), strength]
  givemoney: [any floating-point number]
  givexp: [any integer]
  givelevels: [any integer]
  usages: [-2, -1, 0, 1 or more]
  clearinv: [true or false]
  clearamor: [true or false]
  cooldown: [cooldown in seconds]
  price: [price as floating-point number]
  message: '[any string]'
    [indentifier - any string]
      title: [any string]
      author: [any string]
        1: [any string]
        2: [any string]
        #You can define as many pages as you want here. Just keep incresing the numbers.

IMPORTANT: The kits config is using Bukkit's yaml parser. That means you can't use TAB indentation and you have to use spaces (see example).
Also if you don't set an attribute, it will use its default value and/or just ignores it.
Make sure that you don't use IDs (numbers) for Items, Enchantmens and Status Effects. Only use exact names! Scroll down for more information about names.

Available config attributes

itemsThis is where you put all your items IDs in (surrounded by ' '). See example above.item idsnone
identifierThis is a string you have to put right above every item section. That allows you to use the same item ID multiple times.any stringnone
idPut in the exact item NAME (not ID) here (data value belongs to data - for wool/potions/etc) See below the table.any item name0
dataThis can be used for data values (e.g. wool, potions, etc)any data id0
amountThe amount of the itemany integer0
colorOnly works for leather armor. Requires a RGB color String. Scroll down for detailed explanation.any rgb colornone
enchantmentsDefine the enchantments for the item here. Format: exact name,Levelany enchant namenone
loreHere you can set an item desciption (colors supported - see below). Has to be surrounded with ' 'any stringnone
nameDefine an item name here if you want.any stringnone
slotHere you can define the slot for the item (helmet,chestplate,leggings,boots,inventory)see descriptioninventory
commandsHere you can list commands which are being executed after requesting a kit. (player) represents the name of the player who is getting the kit. See example above.Note: This are console commands! Players don't need the permissions for the commands.stringsnone
removeeffectsIf true, this removes all effects on the player when requesting the kittrue or falsefalse
effectsPotion effects that are directly applied to the player. Format: exact name,Duration,Strengthany effect namenone
givemoneyGive money to the user who is requesting the kit (requires Vault + Economy plugin).any floating-point number0.0
givexpGive experience points to the kit requester.any integer0
givelevelsGive full experience levels to the kit requester.any integer0
usagesDefines how often a player can request this kit. -2 = deathkit; -1 = starterkit; 0 = infinite; 1 = only once; 2 or higher = limited to the given number-2, -1, 0, 1 or higher0
cooldownHere you can set a cooldown (in seconds) if you want.any integer0
clearinvSet this to true if you want the player's inventory to be cleared out before sending the kit.true or falsefalse
cleararmorSet this to true if you want the player's armor to be cleared out before sending the kit.true or falsefalse
priceIf you got Vault + Economy plugin installed, you can set a price here.any floating-point number0.0
messageHere you can specify a custom message for this kit. The default message from config.yml will be used if you leave that empty or remove the "message:" field. Colors are possible: See color codes. Has to be surrounded with ' 'any stringnothing
booksThis is wher you put all your booksnone
books - indetifierThis is a string you have to put right above every book section. It's just for internal usage.any stringnone
books - titleThe title/displayname of the book. With color support.any stringnone
books - authorThe author of the book. With color support.any stringnone
books - pages - numberYou can define as many pages as you want hereany numbernone
books - pages - number - stringSet the page content here. With color Supportany stringnone

Exact Item/Enchant/Effect Names

Why names? IDs will be removed from minecraft in the future. Probably in MC1.8.
If you are using KitPlugin v7.0 or higher, you have to use the item names.
A full list of all names can be found in your KitPlugin folder! There are 3 files.

Color IDs

&1Dark Blue
&2Dark Green
&3Dark Aqua
&4Dark Red
&5Dark Purple
&8Dark Gray
&dLight Purple
&rReset Color

Armor Colors

Get your RGB colors here: