KitMaster is a short-term inventory/effect/permission kit management plugin. As a server owner, you define kits in the plugin's configuration files. Your players can then take the kits either via a simple command, or by punching one of the kit selection signs depicted above. KitMaster provides you with the greatest amount of functionality possible, while at the same time remaining astonishingly lightweight and delivering rapid performance.

Click here to find out more about KitMaster and learn how to use the configuration and permissions.

This plugin uses the common MCStats data collection system to collect statistics about server version, plugin version, operating system, machine specs, etc. If this makes you uncomfortable, you can always disable it through the PluginMetrics configuration in plugins/PluginMetrics/config.yml.

In addition, this plugin by default will automatically download the latest versions of itself from BukkitDev and install them in order to keep itself up to date. If this makes you uncomfortable, you can disable automatic downloading of updates, OR disable the version check completely via the plugin's configuration in plugins/KitMaster/config.yml.


  • Dynamic and powerful syntax for defining items within kits
    • All items are parsed using the same format, so you don't have to remember tricky formatting
    • Different items have different data, but it's all configured using the same, simple format
  • Kits can carry more than just items
    • Define time-limited potion effects, or effects that renew automatically as long as you have the kit
    • Add permissions to kits that will be granted to players when they take the kit, and revoked when it's lost (Vault required)
  • Full MySQL support for saving internal data
    • MySQL is a lightning-fast database that saves changes instantly and suffers no lag at startup, no matter how much data is stored
    • Optionally enable MySQL to store internal data like sign locations, timestamps, and histories
    • Never worry about lag on startup from loading massive files
    • If your server crashes without saving data files, all your changes are still saved in the MySQL database
  • Define timeouts for kits
    • Configure kits so that a certain amount of time must pass before they can be taken again
    • Apply a universal timeout so that nobody else on the server can take the kit until the timeout has passed
  • Clearing inventories is completely configurable
    • Individual kits can be configured to clear a player's inventory when taken, or leave it alone - useful for main class kits and auxiliary "supply drop" kits
    • Selectively configure kits to clear inventories, potion effects (including recurring kit-granted), or kit-granted permissions
  • Hook into economies
    • Allow kits to either grant money or charge money when taken (Vault required)
    • Special permissions to allow player's to bypass currency charges for taking a kit
  • Powerful and effortless inheritance system
    • Kits inherit both attributes and contents from their parents
    • Multilevel recursive inheritance - parents, grandparents, great-grandparents...
    • Allow a parent kit's permissions to override the child's, or require the parent's permissions in addition to the child's
  • Simple, intuitive permissions granting
    • Grant permissions per-kit
    • Grant permissions for players to take a kit only by sign, or only by command
    • Grant permissions to bypass timeouts and currency charges
    • Never worry about needing to revoke permissions - permissions are always denied, unless explicitly granted
  • Simple, clean kit list by command
    • Players will only be shown kits which they have permission for
    • Restrictions for how a player may take a kit are displayed next to the kit's name
    • Kits may be configured to be invisible in the kit list
  • Easy for other plugins to hook into
    • Provides a capable yet secure API for other developers to hook into and manipulate the plugin, including custom events
    • Kits can be defined with an extra "identifier" string to help dependent plugins find the kit they need or categorize kits
  • Full item metadata support
    • Save the contents of a book with a command and give the book to other players in kits
    • Define custom potions within the custom data config and give them to players
    • Give out your own skull (or somebody else's)
    • Set up custom-colored leather armor to easily denote specific classes
    • Save a firework with a command and give it to other players in kits
  • Custom item names and lore
    • Save or configure items with custom names and lore, and give them out in kits
    • Access a custom item in a kit config simply by using its custom name
  • Make up custom potions
    • Use the custom data config to brew up your own unique concoctions with unique sets of effects
    • Combine custom potion effect data with custom item names and lore to create completely new potions



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