This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

KitCreator, A Lightweight Kits Plugin By yodogger

KitCreator is a simple, easy to use plugin designed to make it easier to copy items from a chest into someone's inventory. Perhaps you have a PvP server that needs to give a kit on first log in, or you want a sign to trigger a command to give someone a kit when clicked, or maybe you have a class system that lets the players have items corresponding to their class. Regardless, all these situations could benefit from KitCreator!


/createkit (kitname) - Creates a new kit using the name you provide.
/givekit (player) (kitname) - Gives the specified player the specified kit.
/delkit (kitname) - Deletes specified kit.
/listkits - Lists all kits created.


<sub>Currently all Permissions are OP only</sub>
/createkit - Coming Soon...
/givekit - Coming Soon...
/delkit - Coming Soon...
/listkits - Coming Soon...

How To Use

To use KitCreator is fairly simple, just create a chest full of the items you want the kit to contain, stand on top, and type /kitcreate (kitname). Then to give the items to players, use the /givekit (player) (kitname) command! If you made a mistake or want to re-make a kit, delete the original with /delkit (kitname). Finally, if you want to see what kits you can give to players, type /listkits.

You have created a chest full of diamond PvP items, and you're now standing on top. You type:
/kitcreate DiamondSet
Now you have a kit created in the server, but you already forgot what you called it! To find out, you type:
You see the name is "DiamondSet" and want to give it to yodogger, who is about to go PvP. You type:
/givekit yodogger diamondset
yodogger Receives the items and goes off to PvP, and you decide you won't need the kit any more, so you type:
/delkit diamondset


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