THIS PLUGIN IS NO LONGER CONTINUED/SUPPORTED! Instead check out the new kitbattle advanced!


KitBattle is a kitpvp plugin, allowing players to have fair fights and enjoy the awesome kits and abilities, using soup will allow the player to last much longer in the fights, people can either fight each other or team, teaming does a huge different and might be not fair!



  • Soup gives 3.5 hearts
  • Configurable kit prices
  • Tokens/Shop System for kits
  • Smart Shop/Kit Selector System
  • Kills/Death gets recorded!
  • Sponge Launch Players High!
  • Can use UUID or Normal names
  • Cant perform None-KitBattle commands while in-game
  • Kit Unlockers (Earn free random kit)!
  • Arena protected from in-game players
  • Ability to modify every item/armor in the kits and enchant/name/lore them !
  • Ability to modify armor/tools durability!
  • Create your own kits!
  • Create your own ranks!
  • Customizable kits armor/tools!
  • Customizable messages
  • Configurable Kill/Death tokens!
  • Customize the allowed commands to use!
  • Ability to enable/disable kit and config how much it costs
  • Killstreaks
  • Unlimited arenas support!
  • Level system
  • Upgrades system
  • Join/Leave/Stats signs
  • Scoreboards!
  • Kits :D


Commands & Permissions:

/kbNoneShows a list of commands
/kb joinNoneJoins the game
/kb leaveNoneLeaves the game
/kb statsNoneShows player stats
/kb infoNoneShows info on the plugin
/kb kitsNoneShows a list of your kits
/kb upgradesNoneShows a list of upgrades you can buy
/kb shopNoneShows a list of kits you can buy
/kb kitinfoNoneShows kit information
/kb setspawnkitbattle.setspawnSets the arena spawn
/kb reloadkitbattle.reloadReloads all the config files
/kb enablekitbattle.enableEnables a kit
/kb disablekitbattle.disableDisables a kit
/kb resetkitbattle.resetResets a player stats
/kb kitunlockerkitbattle.kitunlockerGive a player a kitunlocker
/kb tokens addkitbattle.addtokensAdd tokens for players
/kb tokens setkitbattle.settokensSet tokens for players
/kb tokens removekitbattle.removetokensRemove tokens from players
Nonekitbattle.vipEarn double exp and tokens!
Nonekitbattle.setsignsAbility to create all kitbattle signs!


Creating Signs:


  • Line 1 - kitbattle
  • Line 2 - command
  • Command list: join/leave/stats/shop/upgrades/kits/soup
  • Example:

Join Signs:

  • Line 1 - kitbattle
  • Line 2 - join



Required Plugins:

None, but world guard is recommended for arena protection from none ingame players and also regions


Default Kits

  • Pvp, Archer, Pyro, Stomper, Kangaroo, EnderMage, Fisherman, Bomber, Switcher
  • Thor (v0.6), Viking (v0.7), Suicidal (v1.1), Tank (v1.1), Berzerk(v1.2), Viper(v2.0), Soulstealer(v2.0), Monk(v2.0)
  • Reaper(v2.1), Snail(v2.1), Ninja(v2,1), Necromancer(v2.1), Turtle(v2.1), Vampire(v2.1), Hades(v2.3)



here is some servers you can try out kitbattle on!

- Minelife:

- BananaCraft:

- lanecraft:

Post your servers that have KitBattle running on it and i may add it



English review - Made by Numero Uno

English review - Made by LtJim007

German review - Made by BrokenBukkit:

Portuguese review - Made by AbsintoJ:

Portuguese review - Made by Angel Vault:


Notes!: Any plugin that prevents teleporting while in combat may causes bugs with KitBattle!

The plugin doesn't use metrics or auto updater!

Im sorry for any grammar mistakes! im not english.

Check out my other projects: SurvivalGames (PAID), KitBattle Advanced (PAID), OneInTheBattle, xSoup



  • Donations are much appreciated!



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