KingKits v3.3.1


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    Feb 15, 2015
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.8.1


KingKits v3.3.1

Note: Yes, I forgot to upload KingKits v3.3.0 here, I usually upload it to Spigot a few hours earlier to make sure there's no bugs for users here.

Bug fixes

  • User kits are properly set to being recognised as user kits.
  • Renaming a kit updates all players using the kit properly.
  • Renaming a user kit updates the player.
  • Drinking soup will regenerate above 20 if the maximum health is above 20.
  • Cleared 'Kit cooldowns' empty Map from the configuration.
  • Players can no longer rename kits to have illegal characters in their names.
  • Deleting a kit fully clears all players using that kit.


  • You can now change the maximum food level (only has effect when food level is locked) in the configuration.
  • Creating a kit automatically sets the maximum health of the kit to that of the player.
  • Cleaned up the code a lot.
  • You can now modify the economy config in-game using /kk config.
  • Shortened the delay between when listing the kits and when the player joins by 0.25 seconds.


  • Command aliases! You can now set kits to have aliases whereby if a kit is called "Knight", the player can type /knight and it'll automatically run "/pvpkit Knight" for them.
  • All messages to players are now customisable in messages.yml!

Note: To add command aliases to an existing kit, just make a new line to the kit's configuration section and add "Command alias: true". When creating a new kit, by default, the command alias is created with a value "false".