KingKits v2.0.7


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    Apr 8, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.2-R0.3


KingKits v2.0.7

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed soup bug.
  • Fixed compass bug.
  • Fixed 5 minute potion effect instead of infinite.
  • Fixed item drops with CombatLog (by disabling pick up).
  • Fixed issue where inventories weren't being cleared from world to world.
  • Fixed Kit GUI menu automatically closing.
  • Possible fix for economy messages not being sent.
  • No longer conflicts with Essentials (configurable).


  • You can now add permanent potion effects by setting the potion effect duration to a negative number (e.g. -1)
  • You can create ender signal particle effects when a player chooses a kit. You can enable/disable this in the config. ("Kit particle effects")
  • You can now set other player's kits by using /pvpkit <player>. (Permission node: kingkits.kit.use.other)
  • You can now disable item picking up. ("Allow picking up items")
  • You can now list kits using a sign. The first line must be "[KList]". (Configurable: "Kit list sign")
  • New GUI menu: You can now preview kits in the GUI menu or when using /pvpkit <kit> and the player doesn't have permission for that kit. You can enable/disable this in the config ("Show kit preview"). Thanks to @BlackFing85 for the great suggestions.
  • You can add cooldowns for changing kits! (Configurable: "Kit cooldown.Enabled" and "Kit cooldown.Time")
  • Added Metrics.
  • Added support for KingKitsPotions.
  • Developers can now modify the creation of kits through PlayerCreateKitEvent.
  • Developers can now detect just before when a player/the console reloads the configuration through KingKitsPreReloadEvent.
  • Developers can now detect when the configuration has been reloaded through KingKitsReloadEvent.


  • A lot more performance efficient as the kits are only loaded when the plugin is loaded or the configuration reloads.
  • Permission node "kingkits.kit.list" is required to list kits in /pvpkit too.
  • You can now change the first line of kit signs. This involves: Kit signs, kit list signs, kit signs that are valid/invalid, kit list signs that are valid.
  • Scoreboards have been removed permanently! Alternatives are coming in the future - The reason for this was because of the amount of bugs.
  • Developers can now use PvPKits.showMenu(player) to open the Kit GUI menu.
  • Developers can now modify the kit contents through PlayerKitEvent.
  • Developers can now cancel the changing of kits properly.

Note: Please ignore "Use Bar API". This feature will come in the future.