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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.7.2


KingKitsSpecial v1.1.1


- Added Acrobat kit. You can double jump with this kit.

- Added Kangaroo kit. When a Kangaroo places a firework, they are launched up into the air a bit.

- Completely remade and changed the configuration. You must change everything again. It looks much neater now.

KingKits v2.0.4

- New optimization for KingKitsSpecial.

- Minor bug fixes and performance enhancements.

KingKits v2.0.3

- Updated for Minecraft 1.7.2

- You no longer have to right click a kit sign to activate it, it will detect the sign creation.

- New config option 'Clear items on kit creation'. If true, when a kit is created, clear the players inventory.

KingKitsSpecial v1.1.0


- Updated for KingKits v2.0.2. Any previous versions of KingKitsSpecial below v1.1.0 won't work with KingKits v2.0.2. I'm very sorry for any inconvenience but Bukkit has made me rename the packages in the code.

KingKitsSpecial v1.0.9

- Halted players can no longer move while halted.

- New configuration option 'Stomper instant kill'. Set this to false if you want the stomped players to take damage equal to the damage the stomper would have taken. Set this to true if you want players to be killed instantly when stomped.

KingKitsSpecial v1.0.8

- Fixed Fisher bug

- Fixed Halter not working

- New kit called 'Snail'. If a Snail hits another player who's not a Snail with a stone sword, they will have slowness effect for 5 seconds (configurable).

- New configuration option 'Stomper stomp radius'. This is the radius of the player detection.

- Endermages can no longer attack players when invincible.

KingKitsSpecial v1.0.7

Note: I have not tested this version so if there are any bugs, please private message me and don't post it in the comments!

- New kit called 'Switcher'. If a Switcher chucks a snowball at a player who's not a Switcher, they will switch locations with each other.

- New kit called 'Ghost'. If a Ghost right clicks a feather, they will be able to fly for 5 seconds (configurable). There is a 30 second delay.

- New kit called 'Halter'. If a Halter chucks a snowball at a player who's not a Halter, they will be frozen in ice blocks for 5 seconds.

KingKits v2.0.1

- Major scoreboard bug fixes.

- Removed support for other Scoreboard plugins due to the scoreboard bugs. If scoreboards is enabled, do not use any other scoreboard plugins.

KingKitsSpecial v1.0.6

- Made the Endermage portal horizontal radius 2.5 blocks instead of 1.5 blocks.

- Reduced the launch distance of a player when fished by a fisher.

KingKits v2.0.0

- Bug fixes.

- Attempted to reduce lag and glitches with the GUI menu.

- Items are now unbreakable when the config option "Disable item breaking" is enabled. Before it was a dead config feature because I couldn't figure out how to make them unbreakable.

- Scoreboards! Killstreaks and Scores show up on the the scoreboard. This is still in development and it will contain MANY faults. Sometimes scoreboards won't show up. Also, I've tried my best to make it not conflict with other scoreboard plugins and their scoreboard items. It may conflict depending on the other plugin's code.

- Made a new config option called "Kit menu on join" that shows a GUI Inventory with all the GUI inventory items when a player joins. If a player clicks on an item in the inventory, it sets the player to the kit from the clicked item's name.

KingKitsSpecial v1.0.5

- Major kit fixes: Snowman, Fisher and Viper. None of them have been tested.

- Fisher no longer requires a lore on the rod, use this at your own risk as players can spam rods.

- Added Endermage kit.

- Attempted to remove fire from thor lightning.

KingKits v1.1.9

- Fixed a few bugs such as creating kits.

- New aliases for commands! Use /kk for /kingkits and /soup for /refill.

- You can now rename kits using /renamekit <kit> <newkit>!

KingKitsSpecial v1.0.4

- Major bug fixes.

- Fixed all of the kit delays.

- In the process of making the kit Endermage.

KingKits v1.1.8

- Minor bug fixes.

- Fixed items not clearing when players die bug.

- Added a new feature "Killstreaks". You can enable/disable this in the config. You can make commands run when a player gets a certain killstreak. You can add commands and things in the killstreaks.yml config, check the configuration page (on the main page configuration list). Use <player> to input the player's username and <killstreak> to input the player's killstreak (not needed really).

- Increased performance.


- You can now delete kits.

- You can now get the killstreak of a player.

KingKits v1.1.7

Note: If you have KingKitsSpecial, you must get v1.0.3 or KingKitsSpecial won't work with this version and will give many errors.

- Fixed a lot of bugs.

- Fixed duplication glitch bug in GUI mode for /pvpkit.

- Fixed "Drop Items" in /kingkits config having a space.

- Added cost per kits! This makes it so you can have different prices for different kits!

- Made it so you can enable/disable the refill command.

- Made a new config option called "Disable gamemode while using kit" that disables players changing gamemodes when they are using kits.

- Made it so players automatically switch to survival when they use a kit.

- Made it so you can now overwrite kits without getting the message "This kit already exists" and having to delete the kit and then starting again.

- Hoped to fix it so the auto-update doesn't automatically update when KingKitsSpecial is released.


- Renamed PvPPlayer.class to PvPKits.class! You must update it or your plugin won't work with versions above 1.1.6!

- Made it so you can now create kits.

KingKitsSpecial v1.0.3

Note: You need KingKits v1.1.7 to use this version or you WILL get errors! - Minor bug fixes.

- Snowman kit should work now.

- Fisher kit should work now.

KingKits v1.1.6

Major update

- Fixed a lot of bugs.

- Removed the unnecessary comma after the kit list when joining the server.

- Made a new config option called "Kit list mode" that controls how the kit list looks when you use the command /pvpkits. The only types available are "Text" which is a list of them (how it normally looks like) or "Gui" which is explained below. Gui mode is a new implemented feature that opens an inventory containing items that represent every kit available. The menu title for the inventory is either in dark blue or red depending on if there are kits or no kits and it says "PvP Kits". If there is no item representing it, the default is a diamond sword. To change the item, just go to the config called 'guiitems.yml' and add "<kit>: <id>" or if the kit is already in the config, change it to "<kit>: <newid>".

Note: To set the item to represent a kit you can now type /createkit <kit> <itemid> (<itemid> being the id for the item). The name of the item in the inventory is the kit name. The kit name is either green (meaning you have permission to use it) or dark red (meaning you don't have permission to use it).

Note 2: /createkit <kit> <itemid> has not been tested and may not work. Please report to me if it doesn't.

KingKits v1.1.5

- Minor bug fixes.

- Fixed the money per kill and death problem when not using multi-world pvp.

- Made the code more developer friendly.

KingKitsSpecial v1.0.2

- Removed Barbarian

- New kit special ability "Viper". If a player attacks another player with a stone/wooden sword (with the lore "Poison" on the top line (use ItemRenamer plugin to add lores to items)).

- New kit special ability "Stomper". If a player jumps onto another player (the player must get fall damage), the target player instantly dies. If the target player is blocking or sneaking, they get damaged seriously but don't die and if they are blocking and sneaking at the same time, they don't get damaged at all. Also, Stompers can jump of really high buildings without getting killed (reduced fall damage).

- New kit special ability "Monk". If a player right clicks another player with a blaze rod, the target player's item goes into their inventory in a random slot and the item in their hand is set to air. If the target player's inventory is full, it swaps a random item in the target player's inventory with the item in their hand. There is a 5 second cool down per monk (configurable time).

- New kit special ability "Thor". If a player right clicks on the floor with a wooden axe, lightning is cast down at that location. There is a 5 second cool down per thor (configurable time).

KingKits v1.1.4

- Fixed quick soup 100% working.

- Fixed a major typo in scores that made the scores not save.

- Attempted to "fix" the Money per kill and money per death feature. It should work by now. If it doesn't, it's definitely something wrong on your side. This feature has been tested several times by me on 3 different servers. The top reason as to why it doesn't work is because you put a symbol for the currency. The configuration doesn't allow symbols such as £ and $.

KingKits v1.1.3

- Minor bug fixes.

- Fixed a typo in the enchantments configuration. The enchantments config should be working perfectly now.

- Made a new config option "Requires kit to use refill". If true, the player must be using a kit to use /refill.

- If the economy is not working for you, it most likely will in this update.

KingKits v1.1.2

Big update

- Fixed quick soup hunger bug.

- Fixed lock hunger bug.

- Fixed /refill all.

- Increased performance by rewriting a lot of code.

- Made the "Check for updates" message inform the console the current version of the plugin.

- Made a new economy config option called "Enable money per kill" that allows players to get money everytime they kill another player. If "Use vault" is set to 'false', this will reset back to 'false'.

- Made a new economy config option called "Money per kill" that controls the above feature and sets the amount of money to give to the player.

- Made a new economy config option called "Money per kill message" that controls the above feature and allows you to change the message sent to the player that kills another player.

- Made a new economy config option called "Enable money per death" that makes players lose money everytime they die by another player. If "Use vault" is set to 'false', this will reset back to 'false'.

- Made a new economy config option called "Money per death" that controls the above feature and sets the amount of money to take from the player.

- Made a new economy config option called "Money per death message" that controls the above feature and allows you to change the message sent to the player that died.

- Made the default message in the economy config have an '&a' prefix to give it a default light green look.

- Seperated "Use vault" into two config options which are "Enable cost per kit" and "Enable cost per refill". If "Use vault" is 'false' then these 2 will automatically be reset to 'false'.

- Made a new command "/kingkits" that controls a lot of stuff such as configurations.

- Made a new permission node "kingkits.command.config" that controls the above feature for using /kingkits config

- Added in-game config management using /kingkits config. Check the KingKits Command page for help/information.

- Changed /reloadkits to /kingkits reload.

- Added economy config to /kingkits reload.

- Added a new feature where kits and potion effects are removed from a player when they change to a non PvPKit world. (Note: It doesn't clear the player's inventory as this is your responsibility to get a plugin that has mutli world inventory support thingy).

- Made /refill and /refill all use separate nodes so if a player has /refill all but not /refill, /refill all will still work.

KingKits v1.1.1

- Minor big fixes.

- Added hunger lock.

- Economy support (requires Vault).

- Custom messages when a player changes kits. Leave as 2 apostrophes (not quotation mark) if you don't want a message to be sent to them.

KingKits v1.1.0

- Fixed every bug that occurs in this plugin such as config errors, command errors and internal errors.

- Fixed the "One kit per life" feature.

- Fixed the "Command to run when changing kits" feature. Now runs the command fine without getting the "Unknown command" error.

- Changed "{kit}" and "[kit]" to "<kit>" only.

- Changed "{player}" and "[player]" to "<player>" only.

- Added a new command "/refill [<all>]" that refills bowl(s) in the player's hand/inventory. The "[<all>]" is optional and you can just use "/refill" but "/refill" refills the bowl in their hand whereas "/refill all" refills every bowl in the player's inventory.

- Added a new permission node for the 'refill' command: kingkits.refill.single

- Added a new permission node for the 'refill <all>' command: kingkits.refill.all

- Added a "PvP Worlds" option in the config. If the list of pvp worlds contains "All", it means that any world is read as a KingKits world. Just type every world as a list that you want to allow KingKits in. All commands and most player events use this feature.

KingKits v1.0.9

- Added a "Command to run when changing kits" option in the config. A command will run when the play sets his/her kit. Just type in a command to run without the forward slash. If you want the kit they chose to be included, type "<kit>". If you want their player's name, type "<player>".

- Added a "Disable block placing and breaking" option in the config. If true, no one can place or break blocks except OPs (if OP Bypass is enabled).

- Added a "Disable death messages" option in the config. If true, Minecraft death messages wont appear when someone dies.

KingKitsSpecial v1.0.1

- Added a new special ability called "Barbarian". This feature has not been finished yet and wont work. I'm just uploading it with this version because I already had it in the code.

- Added a new special ability called "Carrotman". If a player eats a carrot, they get night vision effect for a configurable amount of time.

- Added a new special ability called "Zombie". A zombie can never attack a player that is using this kit (without another plugin/command) and the zombie will never follow the player when they see him/her.

KingKits v1.0.8

- Attempted to fix "One kit per life" option. Don't know if it is fixed or not, not tested.

- Fixed potion effects not being reset when a player changes kits.

- Minimized the chance of getting the error message: "Couldn't register the permission node: ".

- Added a "Remove potion effects on leave" option in the config. If true, all active potion effects will be removed from a player when they leave the server or get kicked.

- Added a new feature where when a player right clicks with a compass, the compass points to the nearest player around him.

- Added a "Set compass target to nearest player" option in the config that controls the above feature.

- Added a new permission node for the above feature: kingkits.compass

- Added a new feature called "FastSoup" or "QuickSoup" where when a player right clicks with mushroom stew, it swaps their stew for a bowl and either heals them or feeds them. To feed them, the player's health must be above a certain number which is currently 14.

- Added a "Quick soup" option in the config that controls the above feature.

- Added a new permission node for the above feature: kingkits.quicksoup

KingKits v1.0.7

- Fixed ? instead of & error in the lores configuration.

- Added a scores option, adding prefixes to players with their score (customisable), with lots of customisable features in the configuration,

- Added an "illegal character" checker in the create kit command. Prevents errors in the kit configuration.

KingKits v1.0.6

- Finally fixed ALL permissions and made kits kingkits.kits.<kit>

- Added a "Drop items" option in the config. If false, players using kits cannot drop items.

KingKits v1.0.5

- Changed /rlconfig to /reloadkits

- Added leather dye support.

- Made /reloadkits reload potion effects config and dye config.

KingKits v1.0.4

- Fixed a few bugs.

- Fixed the permission node and now it is finally kingkits.kits.<kit>

- Added an Auto Update feature. (Configurable)

KingKits v1.0.3

- Fixed kits list not showing up when joining.

- Fixed kit sign creating.

- Fixed kit sign using.

- Fixed remove kit on death.

- Fixed remove kit on leave/kick.

- Fixed clearing inventory on leave/kick.

KingKits v1.0.2

- Fixed all known bugs such as you can now choose a kit without getting 10000 errors.

- Fixed Potion Effects.

- Fixed ArrayOutOfBoundsException error.

- Fixed player's unable to use kits again.

- Fixed kit signs.

- Added an update checker. (Configurable in /plugins/KingKits/config.yml)

- Added "One kit per life" option in the config.

- Kits are no longer case sensitive!

- Removed accidental credits on /createkit, /deletekit and /kit!

KingKits v1.0.1

- Added potion effect support to kits.

KingKitsSpecial v1.0.0

- First release of this plugin!

KingKits v1.0.0

- First release of this plugin!

None but this plugin has not been tested.