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Brief description

KingdomsGameplay is a mod which completely changes the server gameplay to a full-PVP one. The mod opposes two teams, red and blue. The goal of each one is the destruction of the ennemy's "sponge" (I had no choice on choosing it, it's the only non-obtainable block), which is not possible before the 12th day! So, you'll have to build proper defenses before that moment.

But it's not that easy. You have a base of 51 by 51 blocks, around your "flag", where everything is normal. But, outside this perimeter, you'll have high maluses, mainly inside the ennemy's base! But, because that would be crappy overwise, you can extend your base by "planting" flags!


You are not going to learn how to play on this page! I wrote some wiki pages about the plugin there: The content I (Tobast) wroted should contain anything implemented at the moment, I'm trying to keep it up-to-date.

How to install the plugin?

You can, obviously, download the file linked to the project (upper right corner of that page). But, as the project is still developped, it may not be totally up to date! If you want THE latest version, download it directly on the Git repository, at this address: repository last release.

The best way to install it is to follow the instructions on this wiki page.

Todo list

(NB: an overlined item means that the feature is already implemented and is or will be soon available on gitorious, but not yet on the main release)

  • Protect flags from spawing into water.
  • Make the compass point towards the ennemy's sponge, add an option to control that (never, always, till day n°x)
  • Add a "reset days count" command
  • Count days only on the first player connection, reset time to 0 at this moment.
  • DIsable lava flowing above or around the sponge.
  • Config option to set the distance between the bases (min/max ?)
  • Allow a block with configured ID to be placed till a configured day into the ennemy's base at a cost of 1/(configured).
  • Allow only X obsidian blocks on the main base of each team (X is configured).
  • Notify players when they change of zone type ?
  • Multiworld support.
  • Command to know if one can build a flag at his current position. [NB: done, /canbuildflag]
  • Your suggestions?

Well, seems that I'm kinda busy.

Known bugs

  • Flags can spawn into water (at the moment you have no choice but restart the server to generate a new map).
  • Arrows cannot hurt players before day 3 (for players protection), which implies that skeletons cannot hurt players before this day.
  • The plugin assumes that the main world is named "world".
  • Exception reported by VariousArtist (see comments)

Source code

You can obtain the source code by cloning the Git repository : git://

You can as well watch the gitorious repository :


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