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What is Kingdoms?

Kingdoms lets you create Kingdoms with a capital, villages and paths with an internal rank system and grief protection.
Creating villages cost Score and a village has a 'bank' that is needed to claim new/more land. Players can donate items and in-game money to increase that bank. Score can be increased by having a full village or winning a raid.
When you create a kingdom the capital chunks are automatically claim around you, the king can then add villages etc. to the kingdom. All claiming and protection uses minecraft chunks (16x16 block area).

1noviceNo building abilities at all (no building/breaking blocks, using buttons/levers, opening chest etc.)
2residentAll building abilities inside own village.
3builderAll building abilities inside all the villages.
4architectAll building abilities inside all the villages, paths and the capital
5village assistantAll the previous abilities + helping the leader manage his village (adding/kicking people, claiming land, ...)
6leaderAll the previous abilities.
7kingdom assistantAll the previous abilities + helping the king manage all villages
8kingAll the previous abilities

Here's a basic video (Watch in HD!):


  1. Download the recommend build of Kingdoms
  2. Place the file in your plugins folder and start the server.
  3. Install Vault for economy support with Kingdoms.
  4. Edit the config(s) in the /plugins/Kingdoms/ folder.
  5. Reload server and have fun :D


Kingdoms doesn't need a permissions plugin, but if you do use one:

  • kingdoms.resident: Gives you permission for the basic resident actions (DEFAULT = TRUE).
  • kingdoms.spawn: Gives you access to the spawn command if needed (see config.yml)! (DEFAULT = FALSE)
  • kingdoms.override: Lets you override building restrictions! (DEFAULT = FALSE)
  • kingdoms.admin: Gives you permission to create and destroy kingdoms (DEFAULT = FALSE).
  • kingdoms.*: Gives all permissions (DEFAULT = OP).


Use /k or /kingdom to see all the kingdom commands you have access to.
Use /v or /village to see all the village commands you have access to.
Use /r or /resident to see all the resident commands you have access to.


TODO list:

  • Add custom translations
  • Post all your ideas HERE


KingdomExtra is plugin that will extend Kingdoms with features for spout(craft), chat etc.

Report issues here


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