message_no_permissions: "&4&lYou don't Have Permissions to do that!"
   message_reloaded: "&e&lConfig reloaded."
   message_wrong_syntax: "&4&lCheck your syntax . Try /kingdom help "
   message_kingdom_create: "&a&lYou succefully created a kingdom!"
   message_kingdom_owned: "&4&lYou already own a kingdom."
   message_kingdom_not_owned: "&4&lYou don't own a kingdom."
   message_kingdom_remove_succes: "&e&lYou succefully removed a kingdom!" 
   message_kingdom_not_exists: "&4&lKingdom doesn't exist."
   message_kingdom_claim: "&a&lYou succefully claimed a chunk."
   message_kingdom_claimed: "&4&lChunk is already claimed."
   message_kingdom_cant_claim_world: "&4&lYou can't claim in this world!"
   message_missing_name: "&4&lWrite a name of kingdom!"
   message_kingdom_invitation: "&e&lYou were invited to kingdom %kingdom%"
   message_kingdom_invited_has_kingdom: "&4&l%name% has a kingdom."
   message_kingdom_invited_not_online: "&4&lPlayer you tried to invite is not online."
   message_kingdom_player_not_king: "&4&lYou are not a king!"
   message_kingdom_home_set: "&a&lYou set kingdom home."
   message_kingdom_home: "&a&lYou teleported home."
   message_kingdom_home_not_set: "&4&lHome is not set." 
   message_kingdom_join: "&a&lYou have joined kingdom %kingdom%."
   message_kingdom_no_invitation: "&4&lYou didn't recive an invitation."
   message_kingdom_left: "&e&lYou left your kingdom."
   message_kingdom_kicked: "&e&lYou have kicked %player% from your kingdom."
   message_kingdom_you_kicked: "&4&lYou have been kicked from your kingdom."
   message_kingdom_break_blocked: "&4&lYou can't break block here!"
   message_kingdom_place_blocked: "&4&lYou can't place block here!"
KingdomsWorld: world

 KingdomsWorld :  the only world  where you can claim lands .


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