QuizTime(KingOfRiddle) - An ask&answer plugin that can give player money/items as rewards.

Version: v1.2
(I think that the name "KingOfRiddle" isn't proper for I haven't add a rank system like Top10 to it. So I decided to Change my plugin's name "KingOfRiddle" to"QuizTime".I think it is proper. -by UnluckyNinja 05.06.2012)


  • OPs can give a riddle.If someone has answered the question and the award has been set,he or she will be rewarded.
  • The award can be cash(need the iConomy plugin) or items.
  • Permission support.
  • Entertainment - Help the server gather popularity.

Permissions supported:

  • quiz.* - All below.
  • quiz.giver - Allows player to give a question.(include set answer&reward)
  • quiz.solver - Allows player to answer the question.


  • Vault and any economy plugin that Vault supports(if you want to set money as award).


  • Givers use commands to give a quiz.
    • Don't forget to set the answer.Players' message will make no effects if the answer hasn't been set,even though the player reply a correct answer.
  • Players just need to send the message that is the same as the answer to gain rewards(if set) without any command.
  • When a quiz is sent,the server will broadcast the text of the quiz&rewards.
  • Forgot the question?Just type /repeat !


  • /quiz <text> - Give a quiz,like: /quiz Who owns this server?
  • /qsanswer <text> - Set the answer,like: /qsanswer the owner
  • /qsaward <item/money(just "money")> <amount> - Set the awards,
    like: /qsaward dirt 20 or /qsaward 17 30 or /qsaward money 50
  • /repeat - Show the quiz again.The display text is the same as the first one.
    (Somewhere different for players who don't have the solver permission)
  • /autoquiz <time(in seconds)> - Make the server auto-broadcast the quiz(U need to quiz first),like: /autoquiz 10


  • Version 1.2 - 05.06.2012
    • Fixed some bugs.
  • Version 1.2beta -05.06.2012
    • Name was changed to QuizTime.
    • /riddle was changed to /quiz.
    • /rseta was changed to /qsanswer.
    • /rsetr was changed to /qsaward.
    • Permission riddle.giver was changed to quiz.giver.
    • Permission riddle.solver was changed to quiz.solver.
    • Permission riddle.* was changed to quiz.* .
    • Added config file config.yml and string file strings.yml.
    • Added the /autoquiz command.
  • Version 1.1
    • Modified some display text.
    • Fixed some bugs about reward system.
    • Added the /repeat command.
  • Version 1.0
    • First Release.
    • Permission supported.
    • Multiple type of reward support.

Bugs?PM me.


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