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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


KoolSource Kick Vote is a simple and easy to use plugin that enables the ability to kick vote and tempban vote players on your server; allowing your server to become self moderating when all staff members are offline.


  • Kick Votes
  • Temporary Ban Votes
  • 10 Minute time limit if vote fails. - Stops people from spamming votes against the same person.
  • 2 Minutes to vote
  • If everyone votes and it's a tie the vote ends in stalemate
  • Once the vote is more than half the players online the person is kicked / tempbanned and the vote ends
  • Players can only start a vote if no admins are online.
  • Votes running when an admin join are canceled.
  • Full permissions support

Supported Permission Systems

All permissions that Vault supports.


/kickvote <player> [reason] will start a new kickvote against <player> with an optional reason of [reason]. (Aliases: /kvote, /vk, /kickvote, /kv, /votek)

/tempbanvote <player> [reason] will start a new tempban vote aganist <player> with an optional reason of [reason]. (Aliases: /tbvote, /tbv, /vtb,
/votetempban, /votetb)

/voteyes votes yes on the current poll. (Aliases: /vy, /vyes, /yes, "yes" in chat)

/voteno votes no on the current poll. (Aliases: /vn, /vno, /no, "no" in chat)


kskv.* -- Gives access to all commands (except kskv.admin)

kskv.start.* Gives access to start kickvotes and tempban votes and to      vote on polls.

kskv.start.kick -- Gives access to start kick votes.

kskv.start.tban -- Gives access to start tempban votes.

kskv.exempt.* -- Makes you exempt from all votes. (You cannot have a vote   started against you)

kskv.exempt.kick -- Makes you exempt from kick votes.

kskv.exempt.tban -- Makes you exempt from tempban votes.

kskv.admin -- Makes you an admin. When a player with this flag is on the    server kick/tempban votes are disabled. If a player with this flag       joins the server any vote that is currently in progress is terminated.

Installation & Configuration Instructions

  1. Place the KoolSource_Kick_Vote.jar file in your plugins folder.
  2. That's it. During beta there is no configuration. In future releases there will be.

Bug Reports

I've tested this plugin fairly thoroughly but I'm sure there are a few bugs that are still needing to be squashed. If you find one please let me know by clicking on the "Ticket" tab at the top of this page. You will be directed to our ticket system (an account is NOT required to use this system) where we can provide you with the best support possible.

Answers to yet unasked questions

Most people would call this the FAQ section... but how can something be frequently asked when it hasn't been asked at all yet? :P

Q. Why are there no configuration options?
A. Because this plugin is still currently in development I'd like to make sure that the only errors that occur from using this plugin are from the actual code of this plugin and it's interaction with other plugins you may have installed. If configurations were allowed that may cause many more issues to crop up.

Don't worry though, once we're out of development everything will be configurable!

Support Requests

Must be submitted with the following information or you will receive NO support.

  • What version of Bukkit you are using.
  • Any errors & steps to reproduce these errors (if applicable)


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