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This plugin allows for an Action-based economy by giving / taking money based on a players actions, with a daily limit per action. It can also act as an action limiter, by having actions being denied once a player hits the daily limit or cannot pay for that action.

Originally made with the idea of making an active cash flow system. Action denial and daily limits were added during initial planning and design.

This plugin is NOT a standalone economy bank plugin. You will need a Vault-supported economy plugin for this to hook into.

  • Highly configurable settings for a vast array of player actions / events.
  • Deny player actions based on lack of money or the daily limit for the action.
  • Per-item configuration for associated events
  • Per-command configuration
  • MySQL / SQLite database storage
  • Vault support
  • mcMMO support
  • PlayerPoints support
  • Heroes support
  • Multiworld support
  • Custom localization
Example use cases
  • Reward players for being active on the server
  • Fine players for specific actions
  • Daily bonuses for any action
  • Create block-type build challenges, limit the number of times they can use any block
  • Make incentives for players to care about their money.
  • Create a player-driven cash flow for your economy.
  • Blacklist any supported action
This plugin is in active development.

Commands & Permissions


Supported events:
  • Active (Cancellable)
    • chat
    • block place
    • block destroy
    • craft item
    • enchant item
    • create portal
    • shoot bow
    • tame ocelot / wolf
    • painting place
    • bed enter
    • bucket empty / fill lava / water
    • item pickup
    • item drop
    • game mode change
    • sneak
    • sprint
    • mcMMO:
      • Party join
      • Party leave
      • Party kick
      • Party change
      • Party teleport
    • Heroes:
      • Class change
      • Experience change
      • Join party
      • Leave party
      • Health regen
      • Mana regen
      • Skill use
  • Passive (Listen only)
    • enter portal
    • bed leave
    • world change
    • death
    • respawn
    • egg throw
    • join
    • kick
    • quit
    • mcMMO:
      • Skill level up
      • Skill experience gain
    • Heroes:
      • Level change
      • Combat enter / leave
      • Hero kills
      • Skill complete

  • In-Game commands
  • Handle vehicle economy / limits
  • Handle enchantment type
  • Handle egg type?
  • Add any missing events
  • Multiple location / area of effect

Trello Dev board

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You can comment and vote on any of the topics there.
All changes on the Trello board are in real-time.

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