Karmiconomy v0.176


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    May 24, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.5.2



  • Update to PlayerPoints v1.6
  • Build against 1.5.2


  • Fix support for PlayerPoints
  • Build against 1.5.1


  • 1.3.x support due to the change regarding player chat events.


  • Configuration options to choose what economy plugins to pay out to.
    • economy.vault and economy.playerpoints, both will automatically be added and set to true.


  • Register bypass permission nodes to the server.
  • Register custom bypass permission nodes.


  • Fixed typos on a few bypass permission nodes.


  • Add per-command support
    • All commands will go in the commands.yml, and will follow the structure provided on the Configuration page.
  • Added bypass permission nodes
    • Bypass means it will not deny the action and will also ignore the limits for any action.
  • Added per-item/command custom bypass permission nodes
    • You can define your own permission node for each specific item / command that you have in your configuration files.
  • Fixed the deny by limit localization message to use the correct message.
    • Before, it was using the deny by money message.
  • Item/block names will now follow the built-in Bukkit MaterialData conventions.
  • Reduced complexity for the main event listener.
  • Minor refactoring.


  • Items in the values.yml can now specify worlds to act on.
  • Updated to new PlayerPoints API.
  • Minor cleanup.


  • Fix NPE on missing permission message.
  • Internal changes to permission handling.


  • Fixed error regarding taming animals.
  • Minor internal cleanup.


  • Major internal changes -> slightly reduced size of file (for what its worth)
  • Added options to send player message on when they are paid for an event / action.


  • Initial multiworld support.
    • To specify what worlds the event should listen for / act upon, just add another section under the event called "worlds:" and make it a list of the worlds you want to apply it to.
    • If the list is missing or is empty, then it will simply apply to all worlds. Thus, this does not break the current standard.
  • Initial localization support.
    • Just edit the strings in the localization.yml config file. It will parse color codes (no other types of codes yet, such as bold or italics) appropriately and apply certain field tags if given. Not all messages support all fields.
  • Fixed the heroes attack mob event to utilize the correct fields and config options.


  • Fixed mcMMO to actually pay out money / points on events
  • Refactored and restructured some internal code / packages
  • Support for Heroes
    • New config file for Heroes events


  • Support for PlayerPoints
  • Support for mcMMO events
    • New config file specifically for mcMMO stuff


  • SQLibrary changes.

If you use any of the following plugins, update them as well due to this internal library change:


  • Fixed SQL query for items. Should fix the message regarding SQL error on field 'pickup' not having a default value.
  • SQLite to MySQL import edited.
    • Still not tested, so mileage may vary till I get around to testing it.
  • Other generic edits.


  • Initial alpha release.
  • No in-game commands to reset a player's daily value... or for any management / administration.
  • SQLite to MySQL import not tested...