Dupe glitch report #5

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  • _ForgeUser8974708 created this issue Jun 2, 2012

    Just thought that I'd report this.
    Someone posted a duplication method, of which apparently lets you duplicate items with this plugin.

    1. Get someone to jail you with diamond armor/tools/anything you want.
    2. Just as you are about to be unjailed drop your things where you can get them from outside of the jail.
    3. Enjoy duped items.

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  • Mitsugaru posted a comment Jun 2, 2012

    How should I combat that? Anything before or after being jailed should not be my resonsibility.

    If anything, this is a bit of a staff issue if they're allowing this in the first place.

    The solution is already in the config: clear their inventory while they're jailed.

    But, I take it that you don't want that... that for whatever reason, you want those players to have access to their inventory while being jailed.

    Then, in that case, I won't return their inventory when they're unjailed since their stuff was never removed.

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  • Mitsugaru posted a comment Jun 2, 2012

    Ok, hold up.

    So you're tellling me that in your configuration, you NEED both of the following:

    1) to allow players to drop their items while jailed
    2) their inventory has to be returned to them after being jailed?

    That's what I don't get. I already have given you a config option to NOT give them back their items when being unjailed: inventory.returnOnUnjail
    and an option to deny the player from dropping items: deny.item.drop

    If you can set either returnOnUnjail to false OR deny.item.drop to true (which it was by default, so then I'm assuming that this is not an option) without messing up how you want your jail to run, then that should solve your "problem" of players "duplicating" items.

    The only thing on my end that I need to "fix" is change the source of the inventory view. In the mean time, you could use OpenInv since they still have their inventory.

    Edited Jun 2, 2012
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