JustAFK brings a simple, multilingual, and powerful AFK (away from keyboard) plugin to Bukkit servers.



To install JustAFK, simply drop the jar file into your server's plugin directory and reload! A configuration file will be automatically created which you can edit to fine-tune your own installation.


As of JustAFK v1.2, you can completely customize the messages associated with JustAFK by editing the generated localization.yml file after loading the plugin. You can use it to simply change the way the messages look, or to translate to another language. This should work with most languages, but you may run into some issues with certain character types. If you have any problems with the plugin after doing a translation please let me know in the comments below.

If you'd like to contribute your translation for JustAFK, please let me know and I'll work with you to get it included as a download alongside the plugin. Thanks!

Currently Included Languages:

  • English
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Italian
  • German
  • Danish
  • Dutch


  • Optional, automatic kicking of AFK players
  • Outwits methods used to circumvent automatic AFK
  • Configurable AFK time limit
  • Configurable kick message
  • Players are automatically hidden from others when going AFK
  • Automatic detection of players returning from AFK (e.g. when moving or chatting)
  • Set a status when going AFK
  • Fully customizable messages via the generated localization.yml file


Basic CommandsDescription
/afkSets yourself to away, making your player invisible and broadcasting a message to the server.
/afk [reason]Sets yourself to away as above, but also includes a reason.
/whosafkShows you a list of who is currently set to away on the server.
/justafkGives you a bit of information about JustAFK.
Administrative Commands
/setafk <player>Sets the specified player to away.


justafk.basicThe basic permission node which allows for full use of the plugin.
justafk.immuneMakes the player immune to auto-afk and auto-kicking.
justafk.adminGives the player access to the admin commands (seen above) included in the plugin.


Setting NodeDefault
tagmessagestrueAll AFK messages will be tagged with "[JustAFK]".
hideawayplayerstrueIf true, players going AFK will be hidden on the server.
broadcastawaymsgtrueSets whether or not away messages will be broadcasted to the entire server.
autokicktruePlayers will be kicked automatically if inactive.
movementcheckfreq15The frequency to check for player inactivity.
kicktime300The time that a player can be AFK before being kicked.
kickreasonReasonThe reason to give when kicking an AFK player.
kickwhileinvehicletrueKick players that aren't looking around but are moving in a vehicle.

All time is in seconds.


To get support for JustAFK or to suggest new features, just leave a comment on this page and I'll see what I can do about it!


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