Commands & Permissions

Commands and Permissions

  • /jump - Teleports the Player to the Jump'n'Run!
  • /jump leave - Leave the Jump'n'Run!
  • /jump help - Displays the help page!
  • /jump setspawn - Sets the Jump Spawn. If a player type /jump, he will be teleport to this point
  • /jump setlobby - If a player leaves or finishs jump, he will be teleported to this point.
  • /jump stop - If yout type this, the Jump'n'Run will be deactivated, and all players kicked out of Jump'n'Run!
  • /jump start - Activates the Jump'n'Run!
  • /jump list - Lists the players in the Jump'n'Run!

  • jump.use - Allows the player to set Checkpoints, join and leave the Jump'n'Run, etc.
  • jump.admin - Allows the player to create signs, stop and start the Jump'n'Run, etc.