JukeboxPlus is an improved version of the current vanilla jukebox. JukeboxPlus enables permitted users to make use of a functioning GUI menu that the plugin provides. The GUI menu consists of 12 record discs, stop, play, next and previous buttons. The purpose of this plugin enables permitted users to utilize the jukebox without having to go through the hustle of using it in the usual manner. Additionally, you may also enable economy support to charge your users a configurable amount per disc use (including 'next & previous'). All this can be done through right-clicking your jukebox.


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  • A GUI display with all disc records
  • A stop and play button
  • Economy support, charge users with a configurable amount of cost per disc
  • Next and Previous function


  • None


  • jukeboxplus.use - To use the gui (right-clicking the jukebox)


# Whether or not you want to charge your users
enableEconomy: true
# The set amount you want to charge for when users play discs, or use the 'next' and 'previous' buttons
costPerDisc: 100



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