What does it do?

JOPHSpawner is a simple plugin that enables users with the correct permission node (see permissions below) to mine spawners and get a message & collect the enderdragon egg when you click it. I know there are other plugins out there that probably do this and more, but I like to make plugins for my server and share them with the community.

What are the commands?

JOPHSpawner has no commands

What are the permissions?

JOPHSpawner.use - Allows players to break and pick up spawners. Users without this node will just break the spawner.

JOPHSpawner.dragonegg - Allows players to collect Ender Dragon egg when they click it

Do I get any messages when I break them?

Yes, When you break a spawner you'll get this message (if you have JOPHSpawner.use): "Spawner Dropped :)" If you don't have JOPHSpawner.use you'll get this message: "You can't break and pick up spawners :("

Please suggest any features you want added, but be nice ;)


The changelog is listed on the download page for the files

Special thanks to hawkfalcon for providing me with the code to make this :)


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