Here's a Scenario

Let's say that a player named Joe wants to be promoted to the rank member, Joe says that he has joined the server "like" 9 days ago.

Now the requirement for member in this scenario is to be on an active for one week or longer.

With JoinDate we can tell when he actually joined with a simple command.

All we need to do is type /history Joe.

Immediately the results come up that Joe actually joined the server 3 days ago.



  • /History (PlayerName)

You can shorten the player's name to a short few letters If they are online. If I want to look up me all I have to search is /history xsil instead of looking up /history XSilver_FalconX. But, If I'm offline you will need to do /history XSilver_FalconX

You can also use aliases /jd /h /joindate as the command :)


To use the history command you only need one node which is

  • history.lookup


  • Requires no database
  • Uses No Configs or Folders
  • Completely accurate to the first time you joined the server even if you installed the plugin now and you joined 5 months ago.
  • Super Easy to use
  • Will use the nearest timed date to display how long (Months,Days,Years,Minutes,Seconds)
  • It will NOW FIND OFFLINE PLAYERS (But you must name the exact players' name to find the offline player)


[PLAYER_COMMAND]: /history playername

[JoinDate] 'playername' joined the server 5 days ago.

Example for Non-Existing players that NEVER have joined your server

[PLAYER_COMMAND]: /history playername

[JoinDate] Error! doesn't exist!

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