JoinMessagePlus is a Bukkit/BungeeCord Plugin which allows you to change or turn off the join and quit messages of Minecraft.

The plugin supports the PlaceholderAPI for extra placeholders and BungeeCord for multiserver networks. Also the plugin supports AuthMeReloaded.


Thanks for over 83000 downloads!!!


╠══» Commands

    ● This plugin doesn't have any commands.


╠══» Permissions

    ● This plugin doesn't have any permissions.


╠══» Config

    The "config.yml" is located in "plugins/JoinMessagePlus/" and looks like:

    If you changed the config please reload or restart the server.


╠══» Example




╠══» Installation

    ① Download the plugin

    ② Put the JoinMessagePlus-X.X.jar in your plugins folder

    ③ Start or reload your server

    ④ DONE


╠══» Review

     None :/


╠══» Source Code


╚══» Problems?

    If you have any problems with this plugin please open a ticket.


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