Common Issues

Job XXX has an invalid Place type property: YYY! Material must be a block!

Materials inside of jobConfig.yml must be blocks, not items when placing items. For example, item SEEDS is placed as block CROPS-0. You want the block, not the item.

People can make infinite money by breaking and placing the same blocks over and over

If you want to prevent this infinite money "exploit", make certain blocks have a negative value to place, and positive value to break. This will cause people who break/place the same block over and over again to lose money, or gain money very slowly (depending on what values you choose).

For some blocks (such as Wheat crops), you can check against the data values as well, and only payout when breaking fully grown crops, and optionally deducting experience and money when breaking ungrown crops.

Considering there is a very easy workaround which stops this "exploit", and other methods of tracking blocks would incur a severe performance penalty to implement and still be exploitable, I have no plans to change this behavior.

I installed everything and it doesn't work!

Make sure you installed Vault first. Check your console logs next time, it's telling you the same thing.

If you're sure Vault is installed take a look at the Permission page, especially if you are a PEX user. You probably have permissions setup wrong. It should work out of the box (unless you use PEX, read the page).

Jobs uses too many resources! The profiler is pointing at BufferedPaymentTask.

This is a configuration problem on your end, there is nothing I can do as a developer to make this go faster. What is happening, is Jobs is trying to send money to your Economy plugin. How "fast" this happens is at the whims of whatever Economy plugin you use. Fortunately, you have 3 options.

  1. Change all block/item/mob payouts in jobConfig.yml to 0. This will remove all your processing lag!
  2. Get a faster Economy plugin, or figure out a way to make your Economy plugin faster (switch database type?). This will also solve your issue. I don't have profiling data, if somebody has done the research to figure out which Economy plugin fastest, please let me know.
  3. In jobConfig.yml, change economy-batch-delay to something large. This changes the frequency of how often Jobs tries to send money to your Economy plugin. The larger this number, the less often Jobs will attempt to perform payouts. This will also introduce a delay in how often your players make money, pick a number with a balance that works for you.