Not working in 1.9 #669

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  • _ForgeUser24619316 created this issue Apr 27, 2016

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    Make sure to attach a copy of your jobConfig.yml and generalConfig.yml files to this ticket.  Please do not use pastebin/pastie for configuration files.
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    I expected to actually join the job, or anything. The plugins just not working because thye added and changed things in 1.9.2's API.

    How can you reproduce the issue?  Please be as descriptive as possible, including any commands or in-game actions.
    Load the default jobs, no touch in the config and type /jobs join Farmer or any job.

    What version of Jobs plugin are you using?  Do not enter "latest" or anything similar.

    What version of Bukkit are you using (/version)?  Do not enter "latest" or anything similar.
    Spigot actually, spigot 1.9.2

    List of plugins installed (copy paste output of "plugins" or "/plugins" from command line with timestamp or attach screen shot of ingame.  Do not type by hand)

    Jobs and Vault. Thats it!

    Other people have been having this issue. 1.9 Minecraft changed alot of stuff! Thats why this plugins down (Guessing and from other people's thoughts) I just think you need to patch it!

    I honestly love this plugin, its worked forever! Thanks for making this plugin!

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