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  • _ForgeUser7645029 created this issue Dec 28, 2011

    All of my player's only want the Miner Job. ALL OF THEM. So, the only job in my config is Miner.
    If someone new want's to be a miner I have to be online.

    Perhaps add a Default: true in the config for a Job?

  • _ForgeUser7645029 added the tags New Enhancment Dec 28, 2011
  • _ForgeUser1642005 posted a comment Jan 12, 2012

    they can always use /jobs join miner and have this as your permission node - jobs.join.miner or - jobs.join.*

  • _ForgeUser6938084 posted a comment Apr 25, 2012

    Get a plugin called server signs, make a pressure plate. Use the command /svs add jobs join Miner on that pressure plate. And put the pressure plate somewhere near your spawn where you know 100% new players will step on it. Enjoy :D

  • _ForgeUser7052873 posted a comment Jun 20, 2012

    Okay I have clicked all of your "Dupe" links and they go in a huge circle. So are you planning on doing Default: true or not? lol sorry if I missed your answer somewhere I know you're a busy guy but it looks like it would be a good feature.

    Id like to have "Unemployed!" by a new members name

  • _ForgeUser8494594 posted a comment Jul 16, 2012

    @phrstbrn: Go

    Well, considering all the dupes you have pointed out, and that it has been 7 months since this original ticket has been opened, don't you think that maybe its time to add it?


    Make sure you hit the UPVOTE button either here or in the top left corner to let phrstbrn know it's important!


  • _ForgeUser1255850 posted a comment Jul 17, 2012

    @lANTHONYl: Go

    I write plugins for my own personal enjoyment. If a particular feature isn't important to me, then I won't spend time working on it. The source is publicly available on github if anybody wants to take a crack at it and implement the feature themselves.

    I'm not against this feature, it's just a low priority for me. If you want to see this happen sooner, rather than later, then you are free to implement it yourself.

    1 million people telling me that it's important to them doesn't make a difference to me. You are not my client, you are not a customer, this is an open source project, and you are benefiting from an open source project while contributing back nothing in return. If you would like to see something implemented, then I would recommend learning Java and become a contributor.

    I am open to suggestions, but just because you suggest something doesn't mean I'm going to do it or it will become a priority for me.

    Edited Jul 17, 2012
  • _ForgeUser8494594 posted a comment Jul 17, 2012

    @phrstbrn: Go

    Thank you for publicly announcing your intentions. I appreciate your position on the matter, and respect your decision to decline feature requests. It would, however, have been nice to know that before we get into this tif. :P That being said, should i expect the same response to 288 - Open the Forum?

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