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  • _ForgeUser2818097 created this issue Aug 23, 2012

    What is the enhancement in mind? How should it look and feel?

    I have used this jobs plugin for a very long time on my server, and from doing so have gotten a good feel of how to setup jobs and what makes this plugin awesome, it has too showed me some of the shortcomings in the plugin simply from some features that would allow the players to enjoy their jobs more and be more motivated to pursue them. Some features that would be very nice to have available, especially through permissions so they could be activated at certain levels, would be to allow players to leave a job after they have mastered it, and later, be able to go back to it and have the same experience and level. This way, my players are more motivated to get to the highest levels because they know that it will allow them to join another job they want to do, with the knowledge that they won't have to remaster the job they've already mastered as a reward. Another possible solution would be to allow a player, once they have mastered the max number of jobs, (i have a max job limit of 2 on my server), they are given access to be able to join a third job, and once they master that job, a fourth, etc.

    Please provide any additional information below.

    A real world example: A player joins the excavator job, and works his ass off to get to lvl 90, now that he's level 90, he's joined a second job (the job limit is 2 jobs) and is pursuing a second lvl 90. He is deterred however, by the knowledge that once he gets to lvl 90 in his second job, he won't be able to get another job and will be stuck and will have nothing else to do jobs wise besides just grind.

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  • _ForgeUser7227771 posted a comment Aug 26, 2012

    You could increase their maximum number of jobs. I think this would solve the issue because they could focus on any give job whenever they want.

  • _ForgeUser8976730 posted a comment Aug 27, 2012

    @micahdg: Go

    But he wants more jobs to come with different levels. I would get an auto promoter of some sort then set it to promote the player to a different group that has permissions for more jobs once you hit level 90. I have no idea how to do this but it would prob work.

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