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  • Forge_User_76134024 created this issue May 23, 2012

    Do you know if there's an issue with the {jobs} tag working with EssentialsChat? When I put the tag in the chat it prints [jobs] in its place in the chat formatting.

    I was on their IRC and they stated that a tag such as {jobs} would have to be changed to [jobs] in order for it to work.

    Where in the source could this be changed and recompiled?


  • Forge_User_76134024 added the tags New Other May 23, 2012
  • _ForgeUser1255850 posted a comment May 27, 2012

    I would ask EssentialsChat to fix this on their end, since this is a bug with EssentialsChat.. I'm not going to break compatibility because EssentialsChat has a bug.

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  • Forge_User_76134024 posted a comment May 28, 2012

    @phrstbrn: Go

    Thanks for the reply. It seems to be back and forth with whoever would make the change so I'll deem the incompatible together.

    Rather than take out another ticket, is it / will it be possible to alter the player name color after the name of the job in chat rather than have another plugin handle it?


  • _ForgeUser1255850 posted a comment Jun 13, 2012

    I submitted a pull request to EssentialsChat to fix the problem on their end. It's on them now.

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  • _ForgeUser8940484 posted a comment Jun 13, 2012

    Alright, thank you. For now I'll just not have any job titles if this ever gets fixed, but it's nice to see what people have instead of viewing them one by one with a command.

  • _ForgeUser1255850 posted a comment Jan 19, 2015

    Pull request submitted to Essentials to fix. Work it out with them or choose another chat manager.

    I will leave this open until they resolve the issue on their end.

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