Job Prerequisites #243

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  • _ForgeUser8494594 created this issue May 18, 2012

    A system that will prevent players from joining more elite job classes until they have met the prerequisites for that job class.

    Have Hard and Soft dependency options.

    Hard Dependency: Must reach level X in job(s) A (b, c, d...) before being able to join job B.
    Soft Dependency: Must reach level X in at least (configurable number) of jobs A, B, C...

    Example Config:

      Hard: Tourist
        Level: 10
      Hard: Gatherer
        Level: 5
      Soft_Require: 1
      Soft: Somejob1
        Level: 2
      Soft: Somejob2
        Level: 5

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  • _ForgeUser8412038 posted a comment Jun 8, 2012

    thats what i reeeeallly need on my server, i tried to do it with the Levels, but that dont work that way ^^

    [x] Vote for really high Priority xD

  • _ForgeUser7784300 posted a comment Jul 18, 2012

    I would love to have this as well. Please add this functionality. I want to have elite jobs as well or possibly combo jobs (miner+builder) since I like having maxjobs = 1.

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  • _ForgeUser1255850 added a tag Accepted Nov 8, 2012
  • _ForgeUser7234567 posted a comment Mar 23, 2013

    I really need this

  • _ForgeUser7234567 posted a comment Mar 28, 2013

    Please add this in the next update. I think a lot of players need this and 'Jobs' is the only good job plugin out there.

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