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What is JCommandEssentials ?

JCommandEssentials is the [Essentials, CommandBin, jCommands, ...] killer. It is developed and maintened by Jamesst20. It is a really lightweight plugin that brings ALL the essentials to a server. It provides all the commands you can think of to manage a server. If one command is missing, just ask :)

Where can I download ?

Release (v2.9):HERE
Dev (v2.9):HERE (Thanks to Greatman for letting me use his server)
Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integration server.
These builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risk.

Will JCommandEssentials override other plugins?

Not at all! If it ever happens, you can easily disable any command from config.yml or using in-game commands!

Does JCommandEssentials support permissions?

Yes! JCommandEssentials is made in a way to be compatible with any permissions plugins! It supports every permissions system that has SuperPerm support.

What are the commands?

There you go

What are the permissions nodes?

There you go

What can I expect from JCommandEssentials?

You can expect that I will always keep updating it. You can also expect more commands to come ! PS: Some might be added already on the dev version ! Keep an eye on it !

I found a bug!

Please use the ticket system provided on this page by bukkit. I will gladly assist you in your problems and I might even come in your server to help you if it is needed! I will do my best to fix any issue ASAP! JCMDEss aims to be the best, the fastest and the most perfect administration plugin!

I want to help you code!

Sure, just make a pull request on my github HERE

I love your work! How can I support you?

Donations are never expected but always appreciated :) Feel free to donate the amount you want :)



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