With jBroadcast you can simply broadcast messages to your players! Bukkit has /broadcast and /say built in, but they add an annoying prefix and you can't change the colour. With jBroadcast you can assign a custom command to each of the already defined ones. Other features include a new /broadcast command, where you can send any message with a predefined prefix


  • Being able to broadcast any message to the whole server, quickly, easily, allows colour codes.
  • New /broadcast type of command, when you do /broadcast normally you get the prefix [Broadcast] with jBroadcast you can change the prefix to make for example [Lazulicraft] or anything really.
  • Full permissions support

Permissions: Able to broadcast to the whole server: jbroadcast.broadcast Able to broadcast to the whole server with a prefix (can set in config): jbroadcast.say

(default) Commands:

  • /jb - Broadcast any message to the server, eg /jb hello everyone would show as hello everyone in chat
  • /js - Broadcast any message to the server but with a custom prefix editable in config, eg /js hello everyone would show as [prefix] hello everyone in chat
  • /jbroadcast reload - Reloads the plugin (Cannot change this command)

Change default command: All of the commands (except reload one) can be changed in the config if they conflict with another plugin or you want to make them shorter, remember that if you change them in the config you will also have to change them in the plugin.yml found inside the jar file.

If I haven't explained it well enough let me know as a comment and I can add a video or pictures as guidance.


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