Jarvis is your customizable personal server monitoring butler. Jarvis keeps tap on your server for performance issues and potentially bad player behaviours, and gives you immediate notifications so actions can be taken accordingly.

Current Features

  • If someone spams X messages in Y seconds (configure to see your fit; default 5 messages per 10 seconds burst)
  • If someone posts X hostname/ip in Y minute (e.g.: potentially competitor server spam advertising; configurable to see your fit; default 5 hostname/IP in 5 minutes)
  • If more than X TNT go off within Y seconds (e.g.: potentially griefer blowing stuff up; configurable; default 10 TNT in 10 seconds)
  • If free memory fell below configurable threshold for X times in the previous minute (~one check per second*; default 30 times, less than 20% free)
  • If TPS fell below configurable threshold for X times in the previous minute (~one check per second*; default 30 times, less than 17.5 TPS)
  • Enable / Disable any monitoring rules (above)
  • Notifications for any potential problems:
    • RSS feed
    • E-mail Notification
    • PushOver Push Notification
    • Twitter DM
  • HIGHLY secure, all communication are encrypted with 128 bits AES (randomized password each server restart) and 2048 bits RSA encryption (unique key pairs for each server); your server's privacy is top priority.
    • Also working on acquiring SSL for added layer of encryption, though, this is probably overkill.

* Approximately one check per second. Monitoring task is setup to run every tick, if some how a tick runs for longer than 1 second, you might "lose" a second worth of monitoring.


  • Next Revision release after initial release
    • More monitoring rules such as:
      • X-ray detection (configurable amount of configurable blocks of certain type being mined in some configurable duration)
      • Honeypot detection (configurable honeypot block being edited / chest being opened)
      • Griefing detection (configurable amount of eggs being used in configurable duration)
  • Next Minor release after initial release
    • Network issue monitoring
      • Server ping at regular intervals to notify you of potential server outage
      • Configurable amount of players disconnect within configurable duration to notify potential network issues
      • Configurable amount of players connect within configurable duration to notify potential spam attack
      • Previous two implemented as of Jarvis-1.0.0-InDev-2013052501!
  • Next Major release after initial release
    • API for injecting additional monitoring rules, so we can collaboratively work together to look for problems.
    • Text message / Voice calling notifications
    • Interactive notification (get a call, hear what's going on, click 1 to warn individual involved, 2 to ban individual, 3 to ban + roll back)

Together, we can rid bad activities, and keep our communities fun for the legitimate players!


2013-06-23 - No updates on the Jarvis client end yet. I've been spending a lot of time looking into refactoring the Jarvis API server. I will make more information available as that happens!

2013-06-07 - Jarvis-1.0.0-Alpha-2013060301 have been approved! Don't have an account yet? Use this secret invitation registration link! ;)

2013-06-03 - Jarvis-1.0.0-Alpha-2013060301 have been submitted for review. It shades some of the packages removed in the previous update back. The package is still much smaller than InDev-2013052501. It should be available depending on approval times (3.25 days based on historical average).

2013-05-28 - Jarvis-1.0.0-InDev-2013052501 is now available for download! I've also worked with mbaxter to trim things down. A much smaller package, Jarvis-1.0.0-InDev-2013052901 is available now!


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