This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


Jailbreak for Minecraft! This plugin is inspired by CS Jailbreak, and upon many user requests, I've decided to make a Minecraft version!


  • 2 Teams, Prisoners and Guards
  • Custom map available
  • Auto jail-cell open
  • Scoreboard title usage
  • Custom outfits for Prisoners and Guards (not sure yet)


  • Maybe Vault, depending on features


  • /JB Round <start:stop> - Starts/stops a new round
  • /JB Join <Guards:Prisoners> - Adds/removes a specified user to a specified team
  • /JB Warden <add:remove> <user> - Adds/removes a player to warden
  • /JB Cells <Open:Close> - Opens the prisoners' cells
  • /JB Set <lobby:cell:door> {name of cell, or door}

How to use

First, you select who goes to the Guard's team and the Prisoner's team. Then, the prisoner's must obey the commands by the Guards. But, Prisoners can revolt, at which guards are allowed to kill the prisoners. The warden is the head of the Guards, and makes the calls. Because Minecraft doesn't have a voice-chat feature, it may be easiest to use TeamSpeak or Mumble.

Through the configuration file, you can choose how long until the cells automatically open, how many guards and prisoners are on each team, and (in the future) choose how many cells there are.

The Guards start in the Armory, which Prisoners can break into for weapons and armor. The Prisoners start in a locked cell, at which the Guards must open the cells. If the cells are not opened in the time specified in the config, then the cells automatically open.

The game is won when either all the Prisoners or all the Guards are dead.


  • Set each team size
  • Boolean - Mute prisoners
  • Set cell locations


  • jb.admin
  • jb.admin.editTeam
  • jb.admin.roundStart
  • jb.admin.forceRoundStop


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