Jail v3.0.0


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    May 30, 2016
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.9


Jail v3.0.0 Beta 5 (build 268)

See here for the change log: https://github.com/graywolf336/Jail/releases/v3.0.0-beta.5 Please note, it is for 1.9 ONLY. If you need 1.8, then please use this one but it is not approved by the bukkit dev team so use at your own risk.

Jail v3.0.0 Beta 4 (build 182)

  • Added /jail vote. Jail Vote Wiki Page. #8
  • Added support for %prettytime% on signs, formats the time with 1h4m20s. #35
  • Added temporary help command, see the wiki for wip information: https:github.com/graywolf336/Jail/wiki/
  • Added the ability to set a prisoner's time with /jail time set [player] [amount]
  • Fixed updating signs throwing an error on Spigot. #36
  • Fixed incorrect permissions for /jail listcells. #39
  • Fixed some permissions not being included in jail.command.*. #38
  • Fixed teleport free not sending the prisoner to the correct world.
  • Fixed jailed players not being able to destroy and place whitelisted blocks. #34
  • Fixed the plugin being loaded before the worlds, if using Multiverse-Core. #41
  • Fixed automatically jailing to open cells missing. #42
  • Fixed capital letters being ignore when creating cells. #47
  • Fixed some cells not being created when a chest wasn't defined. #46
  • Fixed not being able to jail someone for an infinite amount of time. #49

If you have any problems, please report them so we can fix them!

Jail v3.0.0 Beta (build 139)

Major Changes

This version is not just one you replace the old version with, test first before using. Also, make backups in the event you don't like the new changes.

Upgrading Notes

  • There is some basic data validation, meaning if cell or prisoner reference a jail which no longer exists it will be removed. (backup)
  • If you use Jail Sticks, you will have to recreate them in the config.
  • /jailset will be added in the near future, if you need to adjust someone's time use /jail time
  • Should you have a problem and want to send me some information, /togglejaildebug and send me the output after you replicate the problem.
  • Any Jail v3.0.0-beta issues you have please report on Github: https://github.com/graywolf336/Jail/issues

Unimplemented features:

  • /jail set
  • Guards
  • Permissions for prisoners
  • Pages on /jail list, listing of the prisoners as pages and not one spammy output

Things which will not be done:

  • Old messages (language will not be converted), if you wish to help translate officially send me a private message.
  • MaximumAFKTime setting will not convert over, the format isn't clear and the old version didn't provide a way to get values with decimal places
  • EnableLogging has been removed, we are always going to be logging (unless major request to control this)
  • Prisoner's old inventory strings in the database are lost, we can not convert those (these weren't even used in the last 2.x versions)
  • Conversion of the sign format from the old to the new.