Jail v2.6.5


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    May 11, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.7.4



  • Fixed the performance drop with latest versions of Bukkit (due to the blocking nature of getOfflinePlayer).
  • Use the Async chat event, this should hopefully force people who are muted to be muted.


  • Fixed the issue with jailing of offline players
  • Added a permission node so people can't be handcuffed: jail.cantbehandcuffed


  • Fixed not being able to delete jails or cells
  • Fixed players being sent to wrong Jail
  • Fixed NPEs with jailing players in certain circumstances
  • Fixed not being able to jail players who were in other worlds
  • Fixed not being able to jail offline players
  • Fixed improper handling of player inventory (If you don't use jail cells with chests, player inventory will be lost if the server shutdowns.)
  • Fixed /JailRecord not displaying any data even though it was enabled (see here for /jailrecord info)
  • Fixed /JailRecord not displaying certain information about the player's jail sentence (see here for /jailrecord info)
  • Fixed handcuffs not working properly all the time (see here for handcuff information)
  • Fixed /jailrecord and /handcuff not being executable via the console
  • Fixed players not being released to their previous position if they were jailed offline and the config has release to previous position enabled
  • Fixed players gamemode not being stored when they were jailed offline.
  • Fixed players losing their inventory when they were transferred to another Jail.
  • Changed how we check for updates, better system performance as we aren't using the main thread


  • Fixed the ConcurrentModificationException, fixes Ticket #368 and #378
  • Fixed the misspellings of Messages, fixes Ticket #371
  • Fixed, kind of, NullPointerException when a player joins and there is no cell, fixes Ticket #364
  • Fixed jail not sending players who are mounted on something to jail, fixes Ticket #351
  • Fixed /jailset not ignoring the casing, fixes Ticket #338
  • Fixed the /jail command not working at times, fixes Ticket #372

Shutting down the server will result in all inventories being lost, unless they were jailed in a cell that had a chest. This is planned to be corrected in the rewrite, so please don't post a ticket or comment about it as it is a Known Caveat.