This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


  • This plugin I deleted because there will NOT be any updates, bug fixes, etc...

About This Plugin

This plugin is a crate plugin, that means there is chest (configurable what is in the chest, how many of that items you get, and what it does when you open the chest) and when you get a key from voting, donating, etc… you can use it on the chest, and when you do you get an item(s).


  • crates.admin:
  • default: op
  • This means they have access to /crate crate (crate name) (name) (amount)
  • This gives the player a crate to place down ANYWHERE with a name in a color that you choose in the config hovering right about the chest.
  • They also have access to /crate key (name) (crate key name)
  • This gives the player a key to go use on the crate that it matches.
  • crates.updates:
  • default: op
  • This notifies the player when they join about the version and if they need to update it!


Is there an error in your prefix and it looks like this:

How to fix it?

  • Simply add colors and delete the"\u201a\xc4
    u201a\xc4\xfa” in the config under prefix.
  • Any more errors? Just comment and ill fix them!


  • /crate
  • /crate crate (crate name) (player name) (amount, dont put anything in here and it will automatically give you one)
  • /crate key (player name) (key name)

Default Config

  1. [][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]
  2. Crates V1.0
  3. [][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]
  4. --------
  5. There are many placeholders that can now be used withing the config file for commands and messages, place holders are as followed:
  6. - %name% - Replaces with the players name, Example: "Notch".
  7. - %displayname% - Replaces with the players display name, Example: "[Owner] Notch".
  8. - %uuid% - Replaces with the players UUID.
  9. - %crate% - The crate types name.
  10. --------
  11. Don't change the config version!

Config Version: 2 Update Checks: true

  2. Commands can be like COMMAND:give %name% 100 coins
  3. Item name must be a Bukkit material, list here https://hub.spigotmc.org/javadocs/spigot/org/bukkit/material/package-summary.html Crates: Common: Items: - IRON_SWORD:1:DAMAGE_ALL-3 - COOKED_BEEF:32:DAMAGE_ALL-100 - WOOL-5 Knockback: 0.5 Broadcast: false Firework: false Color: GREEN Rare: Items: - DIAMOND_SWORD:1:DAMAGE_ALL - COMMAND:say %name% This is all you won... enjoy! Knockback: 1.0 Broadcast: false Firework: false Color: GOLD Ultra: Items: - DIAMOND_SWORD:1:DAMAGE_ALL-3 Knockback: 2.0 Broadcast: true Firework: true Color: DARK_PURPLE
  1. Modify different options of the crate key Crate Keys: Item: TRIPWIRE_HOOK Name: "%type% Crate Key!" Enchantments: - DAMAGE_ALL
  1. If true the plugin will use the interact event instead of the inventory open event Use Interact: false
  1. If true knockback will not happen and a GUI will open with what items can be won Crate Previews: false
  1. If true when the player claims a crate a GUI will open with the winning item in (not yet done) Crate Open GUI: false
  1. If true it will stop players without the admin perm breaking crates Crate Protection: false
  1. Below are all messages that can me edited in the plugin Messages: Prefix: “EditInConfig“ Command No Permission: "&cYou do not have the correct permission to run this command" Crate Open Without Key: "&cYou must be holding a %crate% &ckey to open this crate" Key Given: "&aYou have been given a %crate% &acrate key" Broadcast: "&d%displayname% &dopened a %crate% &dcrate" Cant Place: "&cYou cant place crate keys”

Use This Plugin?

PM me your server ip and I will post it here!

  • Excaliburmc.mcpro.co
  • mc.rage-craft.com
  • Add yours here! just pm the ip!

Thanks for 100+ downloads!


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