A pay-to-warp plugin that can use any item as a currency to warp players to warps that they set up.

Quick Info

Current Version: 2.0.0

CB Version: CB 1.2.4-R1.0 - CB 1.4.6-R0.1+ - Plugin should never break unless bukkit make major changes Changelog:

Since Bukkit is taking forever to approve a file here's a link for the newest version. Download:


  • Ability to create and remove warps
  • Can toggle warps between public and private
  • Ability to warp using signs
  • List for all public warps
  • Personal list of warps
  • Permissions for all features
  • Import warps from other warp plugins (currently only EcoWarp)


Default config.yml:

  amount: 20
  item: 331
  freeforcreative: false

  protected: true
  updatetool: 280
    public: ''
    private: 'Private'

  cords: true
  world: true

  driver: 'org.sqlite.JDBC'
  url: 'jdbc:sqlite:{DIR}{NAME}.db'
  username: 'root'
  password: ''
  isolation: 'SERIALIZABLE'
  logging: false
  rebuild: false
  version: 2


All settings will be shown in node syntax for ease of documentation, e.g. currency.amount will refer to the amount setting in the currency group.

currency.amount - Amount of items needed to warp. - Default: 20

currency.item - Item ID of the item to be used as currency. - Default: 331 (Redstone Dust)

currency.freeforcreative - Whether players in creative mode can warp for free. - Default: false

sign.protected - Whether signs are protected from being destroyed. Note: the owner of the warp can always destroy the sign. - Default: true

sign.updatetool - Item ID of the item that is used to update sign's privacy without warping. - Default: 280 (Stick)

sign.text.public - The text shown on signs for "Public" warps. - Default: (blank, to match prior version behavior; recommended alternative: Public)

sign.text.private - The text shown on signs for "Private" warps. - Default: Private

show.coords - Whether to display the warp coordinates on the /itw list and /itw mylist commands. - Default: true - Whether to display the world name a warp is in on the /itw list and /itw mylist commands. - Default: true

DB related settings

It is highly recommended that this section of the config be left as-is. Only attempt changing this section if you know what you are doing!

Issues regarding database settings will not be answered. They will be closed as we will most likely not be able to answer them. This section is provided as a courtesy for advanced users if they need it.


  • /itw create "name" Creates a warp at your location.
  • /itw toggle "name" Toggles the warp from public/private.
  • /itw remove "name" Removes the warp.
  • /itw warp "name" Warps to "name".
  • /itw list Lists all public warps.
  • /itw mylist Lists all your warps.
  • /itm import <pluginname> Imports warps from <pluginname>


  • itemstowarp.create Gives the ability to create warps. default: all
  • itemstowarp.makeprivate Gives the ability to make a warp private. default: all
  • itemstowarp.makeprivate.any Gives the ability to make any warp private. default: op
  • itemstowarp.remove Gives the ability to remove a warp. default: all
  • itemstowarp.remove.any Gives the ability to remove any warp. default: op
  • itemstowarp.warp Gives the ability to use warps default: all
  • itemstowarp.warp.any Gives the ability to use any warp, including private warps. default: op
  • itemstowarp.warp.nocost Gives the ability to bypass the warp fee when warping. default: none
  • itemstowarp.warp.sign Gives the ability to use sign warps. default: all
  • itemstowarp.warp.sign.create Gives the ability to create a sign warp. default: all
  • itemstowarp.warp.sign.removeany Gives the ability to remove any sign warp. default: op
  • itemstowarp.list Gives the ability to list all public warps. default: all
  • itemstowarp.list.all Gives the ability to list all warps, including private warps. default: op
  • itemstowarp.list.own Gives the ability to all the warps you created. default: all
  • itemstowarp.import Gives the ability to import warps from another plugin. default: op

Permission Sets

These permissions include a set of the above permissions that can be used as some sensible defaults. The permissions included are listed below the set permission.

itemstowarp.user - itemstowarp.create - itemstowarp.makeprivate - itemstowarp.remove - itemstowarp.warp - itemstowarp.warp.sign - itemstowarp.warp.sign.create - itemstowarp.list - itemstowarp.list.own

itemstowarp.admin - itemstowarp.create - itemstowarp.makeprivate.any - itemstowarp.remove.any - itemstowarp.warp.any - itemstowarp.warp.sign - itemstowarp.warp.sign.create - itemstowarp.warp.sign.removeany - itemstowarp.list.all - itemstowarp.list.own - itemstowarp.import

Creating Sign Warps

To create a sign warp place a sign with the following information: - Line 1: [Warp] - Line 2: Name of the warp. Ex: mywarp

Note: both lines are case insensitive. Ex: [WaRp], [wArP] as well as any variant will all work.

Example: ![Warp sign example] (

After the sign has been created

Once the sign has been placed, there will be a few more lines automatically added on to the sign. Using the above information while creating the sign, the final sign will look something like this:

  • Line 1: [warp]
  • Line 2: mywarp
  • Line 3: MyUsername
  • Line 4: (blank) OR Private
    • Note: this line be the text from the config setting sign.text.public or sign.text.private, depending on the warp's privacy.
A note about signs and warp privacy

The privacy of the warp that is shown on the sign is the privacy at the time the sign was created. When a warp's privacy is changed, signs that have already been created will not be updated to show the new privacy status. Note: a warp's privacy setting will be checked before any warp occurs, so changing your public warp to a private one is safe.

The sign's privacy status will be updated when someone attempts to warp by using the sign. To update without warping, right-click on the sign while holding the item as defined in the config setting sign.updatetool.


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