• Added item removal check as a workaround against item removal plugins
  • The material of saved items are now stored as names rather than numeric ID's


  • Now preventing miscellaneous inventory pick ups. (InventoryPickupItemEvent)
  • Fixed a respawn bug.


  • Proper API (getItemList, registerItem, deregisterItem, etc., visit the Developer API page for more)
  • Reload and respawn command
  • Despawn protection against ClearLag
  • Unnecessary item type data from items.csv (the previous format is supported for loading, but saving is done in the new format)
Bug fixes:
  • Newly dropped items are no longer despawned if the display creation fails
  • Items are no longer respawned (duped) needlessly upon chunk loading
  • This update breaks compatibility with ChestIcon 1.1 and any other plugins that were using ItemStay before 1.5.6.
  • If you wish to use ChestIcon 1.1 or lower, please stay with ItemStay 1.5.5b.
  • As of the December of 2015, the maintainer of ChestIcon has been inactive for half a year.