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What is it?

ItemSlotMachine adds realistic slot machines to your server that have a display which consists of item frames, make sounds when active and can be deactivated either manually or automatically. In order to activate a slot machine you have to hold the coin item in your hand and right click the slot of a slot machine. Everything is highly customisable!


  • Vault is an optional dependency
  • You can create and manage own slot machine designs (default design is included)
  • Template for creating slot machine configs which doesn't have to be reloaded
  • You can build an infinite number of slot machine
  • Many commands for managing slot machines
  • Every slot machine has its own config file
  • Statistics for slot machines and players which can be displayed normally or as a top ten list
  • Highly customisable language files which accept all characters
  • Overall easy usage

All listed features above are always referring to the newest version of ItemSlotMachine!

Upcoming features

  • Different coins
  • Support for larger numbers on signs
  • Commands as combo actions
  • Allow coins to be added to the pot and to be distributed in combos
  • Allow the creation of special items (with custom name and/or lore) which can be added to the pot and be distributed in combos
  • Custom sign layout and more variable (for example <player>)

YOU can contribute to ItemSlotMachine! Just open a new ticket with your suggestion and it may get added to ItemSlotMachine if it's good.

Commands & Permissions

/design wandGives you the design
/design create [name]Creates a new design from your
/design remove <name>Removes an existing
/design listShows a list of available
/design invert <name>Inverts the item frame loading sequence of a
/design reloadReloads all
/design help [page]Shows the help pages for the design commandNone
/coin purchase <amount>Allows you to purchase coinsItemSlotMachine.coin.purchase
/coin grant <player> <amount>Grants a player an amount of coinsItemSlotMachine.coin.grant
/coin help [page]Shows the help pages for the coin commandNone
/slot build <design> [name]Builds a new slot machine of a
/slot destruct <name>Destructs an existing slot machineItemSlotMachine.slot.destruct
/slot listShows a list of available slot machinesItemSlotMachine.slot.list
/slot tp <name>Teleports you to a slot
/slot rebuild <name>Deactivates and rebuilds an existing slot machineItemSlotMachine.slot.rebuild
/slot move <name> <amount>Moves a slot machine into your looking direction by an amountItemSlotMachine.slot.move
/slot deactivate <name>Deactivates an active slot machineItemSlotMachine.slot.deactivate
/slot money <name> <deposit/withdraw/set> <amount>Modifies the money pot of a slot
/slot item <name> <deposit/set> <hand/items>Modifies the item pot of a slot machineItemSlotMachine.slot.item
/slot reset <name> <money/item>Resets a pot of a slot machineItemSlotMachine.slot.reset
/slot clear <name> <money/item>Clears a pot of a slot machineItemSlotMachine.slot.clear
/slot reload [name]Reloads the whole plugin or a single slot machineItemSlotMachine.slot.reload
/slot help [page]Shows the help pages for the slot commandNone
/statistic show <slot/player> <name>Shows the statistic of a slot machine or a
/statistic top <slot/player> <category>Shows the top ten statistics for a category for slot machines or
/statistic reset <slot/player> <name>Resets the statistic of a slot machine or a playerItemSlotMachine.statistic.reset
/statistic help [page]Shows the help pages for the statistic commandNone
-All ItemSlotMachine permissionsItemSlotMachine.*
-All design*
-All coin permissionsItemSlotMachine.coin.*
-All slot machine permissionsItemSlotMachine.slot.*
-All slot machine modify permissionsItemSlotMachine.slot.modify.*
-All statistic permissionsItemSlotMachine.statistic.*
-Check the name of a slot machine by right clicking itItemSlotMachine.slot.check
-Use a slot machineItemSlotMachine.slot.use
-Modify a specific slot machineItemSlotMachine.slot.modify.<name>


Take a look at this page for the latest default config!

Coin Shop

Write [CoinShop] in the first line of a sign and click done, now it'll create a coin shop sign automagically! You can change the amount of coins you want to buy by pointing at the sign and scrolling up/down for increasing/decreasing the amount. (if you hold shift while scrolling the amount will increase/decrease by 10) After you've chosen the amount of coins you want to buy right click it.


I'm going to set up a wiki on GitHub soon!


The source can be found right here!

Bugs? Errors? Problems? New ideas?

If you find a bug, encounter an error or have new ideas or suggestions for this plugin feel free to create a ticket so we can react to things faster than posting it in the comments! However you can post feedback in the comments, but please use the ticket system for the things I mentioned.



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