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What is it?

ItemSlotMachine adds realistic slot machines with item frames as reels to your server. Each slot machine has its own jackpot (money and/or items) which increases with every spin.






  • Create and manage multiple slot machines
  • Create and manage your own slot machine designs (default design is built-in)
  • Customize each slot machine individually
  • Display statistics of slot machines and players
  • Create coin shops for players
  • Customize all plugin messages


All listed features above are always referring to the newest version of ItemSlotMachine!






This plugin uses Metrics by BtoBastian to collect various data from servers.

If you don't want Metrics to collect your data you can disable it easily by setting enabled to false in the config file at plugins/bStats/


ItemSlotMachine Metrics



Upcoming features


  • Support for larger numbers on signs
  • Customizeable sign layout and with more placeholders (for example <player>)



Commands & Permissions:


Command Description Permission
/design wand Gives the player a design wand
/design create [name] Creates a new design from your selection
/design remove <name> Removes an existing design
/design list Displays a list of all available designs
/design invert <name> Inverts the item frame order of a design
/design reload [name] Reloads all designs or a single design
/design help [page] Displays help pages for the design command -
/coin buy <amount> Gives the player coins in exchange for money
/coin give <player> <amount> Gives an amount of coins to a player itemslotmachine.command.coin.give
/coin help [page] Displays help pages for the coin command -
/slot build <design> [name] Builds a new slot machine
/slot remove <name> Removes an existing slot machine itemslotmachine.command.slot.remove
/slot list Displays a list of all available slot machines itemslotmachine.command.slot.list
/slot tp <name> Teleports the player to a slot machine
/slot rebuild <name> Rebuilds a broken slot machine itemslotmachine.command.slot.rebuild
/slot move <name> <amount> Moves a slot machine in your view direction itemslotmachine.command.slot.move
/slot stop <name> Stops a slot machine instantly without paying out itemslotmachine.command.slot.stop
/slot money <name> <clear/deposit/withdraw/set> [default/amount] Modifies the money pot of a slot machine
/slot item <name> <clear/add/set> [default/hand/items] Modifies the item pot of a slot machine itemslotmachine.command.slot.item
/slot reload [name] Reloads the plugin or a single slot machine itemslotmachine.command.slot.reload
/slot help [page] Displays help pages for the slot command -
/statistic show <slot/player> <name> Displays the statistic of a slot machine or player
/statistic top <slot/player> <category> Displays the top ten of slot machines or players for a category
/statistic reset <slot/player> <name> Resets the statistic of a slot machine or player ItemSlotMachine.command.statistic.reset
/statistic help [page] Displays help pages for the statistic command -
- All plugin permissions itemslotmachine.*
- All command permissions itemslotmachine.command.*
- All design command permissions*
- All coin command permissions itemslotmachine.command.coin.*
- All slot machine command permissions itemslotmachine.command.slot.*
- All statistic command permissions itemslotmachine.statistic.*
- Modify a specific slot machine itemslotmachine.slot.modify.<name>
- Modify all slot machines itemslotmachine.slot.modify.*
- Inspect a slot machine by right clicking it itemslotmachine.slot.inspect
- Use a slot machine itemslotmachine.slot.use
- Use all slot machines itemslotmachine.slot.use.*
- Create a coin shop


All listed commands and permissions above are always referring to the newest version of ItemSlotMachine!



How to: Coin Shop

You have to write [CoinShop] in the first line of a new sign and click done in order to create a coin shop sign automatically. You can change the amount of coins you want to buy by pointing your cursor at the sign and scrolling up or down. (if you hold shift while scrolling, the amount will increase/decrease by 10) Simply right click the sign after you've chosen the amount of coins you want to buy to make a purchase.



The source code can be found in my repository on GitHub!





If you find a bug or encounter an error, please open a new ticket on CurseForge or GitHub, send me a private message or comment down below! Suggestions and ideas for new features are always welcome and can be submitted via the previously mentioned ways.







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