ItemSelector GUI

ItemSelector GUI allows developers to use a GUI for item selection. This will allow developers to use less commands. This will allow plays to enjoy plugins more because selecting an item from the list is much faster than typing in the Id or Material.

Note: This is just a library for using the ItemSelector GUI.


  • Allow developers to use the ItemSelector GUI
  • Setup multiple pages to have thousands of different items through your selection GUI.
  • Speed up item selection by clicking on an item instead of typing it.

How to Use (Player)

  • To select an item just simple click it once the ItemSelector pops up.
  • To deselect an item just simply click it again.
  • The last two slots are for moving forward and back throw the pages. The first moves back and the last moves forward.

How to Use (Server)

  • If a plugin that you are using on your server needs to use the ItemSelector GUI then you must have the ItemSelectorGUI.jar inside your plugins folder.

How to Use (Developer)

  • Coming Soon

Plugins that use the ItemSelector GUI


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